Lip Enhancement Through Chevy Chase Lip Augmentation

Full, pouty lips are considered one of the most desired staples of facial beauty. Some women are naturally blessed with a plump pout but for most of us, we need a little bit of help to achieve the fullness we desire. Walk down any cosmetic aisle in any drug store and you’ll find any number of limp plumping glosses and while these may be a suitable short term fix, they cannot provide the kind of lasting, noticeable change that Lip Augmentation offers.

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown perform Lip Augmentation in a variety of ways dependent on the patient’s desires and needs. Fat transfer- where fat is extracted from another part of your body, processed, purified and then re-injected into the lips- is one option. The great thing about this option is that since it’s your fat, there isn’t the risk of allergic reaction. Other patients may feel that injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, are a better way to go, whatever the case, our qualified Plastic Surgeons will walk you through your lip augmentations options, the pros and cons, and help you decide whatís going to be best for you.

When you’re ready to start discussing your lip augmentation options seriously, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation today.

Facelift Chevy Chase

With age gravity works it's black magic and years of facial use begin to show on your face by the way of lines, creases, wrinkles and sagging skin. As our skin looses it's elasticity and valuable, good fats which keep it looking smooth and young, the face can begin to look older than it is. Many patients even report that their faces seem to be communicating a more tired, angry or even sad expression than they are actually feeling. Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown have helped many men and women revitalize their faces through
Chevy Chase Face Lift surgery. A Face Lift procedure is designed to remove excess skin, fat and muscle and to re-drape the skin in a more tightened, youthful, flattering manor. Often a Face Lift procedure may be performed in conjunction with other Facial Rejuvenation procedures such as an Eyelid Lift, Neck Lift, Brow Lift or Liposuction. To learn more about Face Lifts and to find out if you are a good candidate, contact our office today and schedule your confidential consultation.

Chevy Chase Chin Augmentation

Our faces are our calling cards, how people remember us by, and we want to make a good impression. Unfortunately, we don’t have a say as to which genes our parents pass down to us. Many people wish they had a stronger more defined jaw line, or a less prominent chin. Sometimes a weak chin can make an average sized nose seem more exaggerated than it actually is or, on the other hand, a strong chin can cause an average sized nose to seem too small.

In many cases, people who chose to undergo a Chin Augmentation may also chose to have Rhinoplasty to ensure the ideal balance of symmetry in the face that they are looking for. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, or to schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact our offices.

Facial Implants – Cheek Implants Chevy Chase

On fashion runways around the world, on the big screens across America, in magazines and in your homes on television, on billboards and in the supermarket, everywhere we look we are being inundated with images of high cut cheekbones in women and strong jawed men. Having these features creates a stronger more outstanding facial symmetry and structure and can enhance your other features as well. It’s no wonder facial implants are gaining more and more popularity in the Plastic Surgery community.

If you feel your cheeks are too sunken in or you jaw is too weak and seems to be being swallowed up by your neck, you are not alone. Unfortunately there aren’t any exercises one can do to achieve cheek or jaw definition, but Chevy Chase Facial Implants can give you that definition that you crave. Ideal Facial Implant candidates are in good mental and physical health. You should have realist expectations and not be doing it to please anyone but yourself. Understand that Facial Implants will not turn you into Audrey Hepburn or Brad Pitt, but it can improve upon and enhance the beauty you already have.

Facial Implants can also often be performed at the same time as facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or even liposuction. Consult with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown to learn more about Facial Implants.