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Eating well and exercising are not always sufficient to get you the body you’ve always wanted. Because your figure is largely determined by genetics, it is not uncommon to find that diet and exercise often fall short of your expectations – losing weight in the wrong place or struggling to change specific areas which refuse to yield to your hard work.

Fortunately, our top Washington, DC area plastic surgeons offer a selection of body contouring procedures to achieve your desired look, giving you the extra boost you need to feel and look your best. Their deeply personalized approach incorporates the perfect combination of procedures based on your body type, lifestyle, and desired outcome.

At Bruno | Brown, we also know that the size and shape of your body aren’t the only factors standing in the way of feeling your best. Many women suffer from excess body hair (or the pains of removing body hair) and/or unsightly veins. As such, we also offer a number of cosmetic procedures.

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