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Skin Care Services

Welcome to Our Skin Care Services Menu!

At Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, we take pride in delivering innovative and effective skincare that gives our clients the best results. Please browse our options below.



We’ll perform a complete evaluation of your skin condition, lifestyle, and goals to create a comprehensive plan for both at-home and in-office treatments.

*A consultation fee of $100 will be added to your account to be credited against future procedures.


Radio Frequency Microneedling System

The MeliaRF treatment is the latest technology FDA-approved radio frequency microneedling system. With its isolated needles it delivers the radio frequency energy just in the target skin layer, while protecting the integrity of the upper skin layer.

The MeliaRF microneedling treatment provides an unparalleled response through the segmented delivery of microneedles, creating micro-injuries to the outer and inner layers of the skin that encourage the body’s innate ability to repair itself resulting in skin tightening as well as treatment of:

  • Acne scars
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Droopy eyes
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Double chin reduction
  • Loose skin
  • Eye bag reduction
  • And more!

This amazing new treatment is great on all skin types and has a quick recovery time.

Series of 3 Treatments:
Face and neck: $3,900
Additional sessions after series of three is complete: $1,500 each
Other treatment areas available


Microneedling with PRP, LightStim, and Take-Home Kit

Hitting reset on your skin can be simple! This holistic treatment improves fine lines, wrinkles, pores, scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and “tech neck,” leaving your skin smoother and younger looking, using your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to expedite healing and stimulate collagen and elastin for firmer, plumper skin. Microneedling is comfortable to do and has little downtime.

At Bruno|Brown, every treatment includes Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and LightStim Red Light Therapy to speed your healing time and stimulate additional firming. Also included with every treatment is a premium patient take-home kit for a continued boost of firming and repair.

Add neck and/or hands to treat skin areas with the most visible signs of aging.

Series of 3 Treatments:
Face: $2,500
Add neck: $600
Add hands: $300



HydraFacial MD is “just what the Dr. ordered”- literally! For the cleanest, smoothest, most hydrated, and glowing skin possible, look no further than this invigorating treatment which delivers instantly noticeable results without irritation. The magic of HydraFacial lies in its patented Vortex Fusion Technology and HydraPeel Tips. Gentle, painless suction clears away dead cells and impurities while deeply infusing hydration, firming peptides, and essential antioxidants. Prepare to be “Wowed!”  Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Recommended Pairing: We suggest beginning with a Dermaplaning session for a next-level enhancement to maximize your smoothing and product penetration.

Choose from the following HydraFacial MD options below:

Signature HydraFacial MD 30 Minutes

The Signature HydraFacial, MD uses Vortex Fusion Technology with gentle, painless suction to deep clean, exfoliate and extract dermal debris, all the while giving your skin a super-saturating bath of hydration, botanicals, vitamins, and essential antioxidants. This non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment instantly gives you deeply hydrated, even-toned, more radiant skin.  Perfect for the busy person who wants to “get glowing and get going!”

1 Treatment: $199
4 Treatments: $716

Deluxe HydraFacial MD 60 Minutes 

This powerhouse skin treatment features all the amazing benefits of the Signature HydraFacial, plus personalized HydraFacial MD booster serums that penetrate deep into the skin through a relaxing session of LightStim LED, a light-based treatment that stimulates collagen-producing cells for firming and plumping your skin. Ideal for patients wanting to customize their treatment with a dynamic extra boost!

1 Treatment: $275
4 Treatments: $1,049

Platinum HydraFacial MD 75 Minutes

The ultimate HydraFacial experience! Begin with a gentle lymph detoxification to eliminate stagnant toxins from the face, stimulate blood flow, and reduce swelling and water retention. Next, receive all the benefits of the Signature and Deluxe HydraFacials, including an enhancing LightStim LED Photodynamic therapy session.

1 Treatment: $325
4 Treatments: $1,199

Download the Full HydraFacial Brochure

Red Carpet Facial 75 Minutes

This highly personalized facial gets you “red carpet ready” with our medical grade ZO Skin Health products, expertly chosen to target your skin’s greatest challenges and to reverse signs of aging. Your treatment begins with an ultrasonic cleansing for deep pore cleansing, followed by a 3-phase exfoliation which includes our result-driven ZO Stimulator Peel. This gentle, no-peel exfoliation is followed by extractions (if necessary), and a customized treatment masque before concluding with a relaxing LightStim LED photodynamic therapy session to boost your skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. You’ll walk out absolutely glowing, and your skin will thank you!

1 Treatment: $300
3 Treatments: $810


Stimulator Peel

Looking for the perfect, gentle, no-downtime peel? The ZO Stimulator Peel is for you! Your skin will be glowing, smooth, hydrated, and brighter in 30 short minutes! This is a must for skin that feels rough, scaly, or looks dull.

Recommended Pairing:  We suggest beginning with a quick Dermaplaning session for a next level enhancement to maximize your smoothing and product penetration.

1 Treatment: $150
3 Treatments: $360

The Perfect Derma Peel 

This medium-depth peel has long-lasting benefits, including the treatment of melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture, large pores, and dullness.

1 Treatment: $350
3 Treatments: $945

ZO 3 Step Peel

This potent peel contains a blend of salicylic, lactic, and trichloracetic acid (TCA) in combination with retinol cream, all of which causes sloughing of the damaged topmost layers of skin. It penetrates the epidermis and upper dermis to promote the turnover of cells and stimulate the production of collagen, while restoring moisture balance.

1 Treatment: $550
3 Treatments: $1,485


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

The Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) Photo Facial uses intense light energy to target reds, browns, and unwanted discolorations in the skin, including mild sun damage, brown spots, freckles, redness, broken capillaries, fine lines, and irregular pigmentation on the face, neck, and chest. This beneficial facial treatment also targets unwanted hair on the face, underarms, and bikini line.

 Single: Package of 5:
Face, Neck $550 $2,335
Chest $300 $1,275
Face, Neck, Chest $750 $3,187
Hands $200 $850

LightStim Red Light Therapy
– 30 Minutes

Light therapy works like photosynthesis, the process by which plants absorb light from the sun and convert it to energy. LightStim uses four safe and natural wavelengths of light to penetrate deep into the skin, super-charging fibroblast cells to increase collagen production.  Skin is plumper with more visible volume, and aging lines and wrinkles are significantly diminished. Studies show that when skin is exposed to LED light wavelengths, skin cells can regenerate up to 150% to 200% faster, while hydration can be increased by up to 600%. Unveil your skin’s unique and ultimate radiance with this results-guaranteed treatment!

1 Treatment: $55
3 Treatments: $148


Fractional Laser*

Fractional laser can minimize the appearance of fine lines, facial scars, or areas with uneven pigmentation, restoring health and vitality to your face.

Series of Five Treatments
Lower eyelid: $3,750
Full face: $6,500
Scars: Consultation needed

*Fractional laser treatments are performed by our physicians.


Hydrating Masque: $20
Brightening Masque: $25
Dermaplaning: $100
IPL Spot Treatment: $100

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