Breast Reconstruction Chevy Chase

Dealing with the loss of one or both breasts due to cancer or other illness is a loss no one can prepare you for. Suddenly, something you’d taken for granted would always be there, isn’t and just as with the loss of a limb or loved one, you grieve. The healing process is a slow one. Everyone deals with the loss differently and finds their own way to move forward in life. For some, that means Reconstructive Breast Surgery.

Our Plastic Surgeons consider it the one of the most rewarding procedures to perform because of the opportunity to give women something of themselves back and watch their transformation as they heal and the self-confidence that grows from it. Every patient that comes in for a consultation presents unique goals, desires and challenges which are then discussed in detail with the patient to design the most ideal coarse of treatment for them.

There are three kinds of reconstructive procedures: Implant-based reconstruction, TRAM flap reconstruction and Latissimus flap reconstruction. If you are interested in discussing your reconstructive options, we invite you to schedule a consultation today.

Chevy Chase Arm Lift

There are a few reasons people may be considering an Arm Lift Surgery, also known as Brachioplasty. The effects of dramatic weight loss often leave people with excess, sagging skin on their body, including the underarm area. Sometimes, due to genetic reasons or aging the underarm can have excessive hanging skin and/or fat deposits which can be resistant to diet and exercise. Improvements to arms in these states can be made through Chevy Chase Brachioplasty.

Brachioplasty is a procedure which removes the excess sagging skin from the arm. The incision will be made in as inconspicuous position as possible to reduce the visibility of a scar after surgery. Often Liposuction may be done in conjunction with the Arm Lift surgery for optimum results. Other Body Contouring procedures may also be performed depending on the need of the patient such as a Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, or Face and Neck Lift for the best overall results. Contact our office today to find out what your Body Contouring options are.