Choosing a Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon

When you are looking for a plastic surgeon in the Washington DC area, your choices can seem overwhelming. It is important to neither become discouraged by your options, nor to choose the first plastic surgeon you stumble across. Your surgeon will play a direct role in your comfort, safety, and ultimate aesthetic results.

When you are looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon, you should keep in mind that this procedure requires both skill and experience. Your nose is one of your most prominent features. If you choose to have it altered, you deserve someone who can correct its imperfections and bring it into ideal proportions with the rest of your face.

Your rhinoplasty surgeon should be board-certified and have hospital privileges. Not only should he have hospital privileges, your plastic surgery procedure should be performed in an accredited facility with attending medical staff.

Your plastic surgeon should also be able to provide you with pictures of his rhinoplasty results. If he does not have a rhinoplasty before and after gallery, ask for pictures during your initial consultation.

Your consultation is incredibly important. This meeting gives you an opportunity to ask questions about your procedure and to gauge your comfort with a plastic surgeon’s skills, staff, and experience.  You should feel free to meet with as many plastic surgeons as necessary to find the one you feel is best for you.

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New Study Finds Plastic Surgery Makes You More Likeable

Most people who undergo plastic surgery do so to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. But did you know the benefits of your procedure can go far beyond the way you view yourself? A new study suggests that undergoing plastic surgery can also impact the way others perceive your personality.

According to this study, published earlier this month in the journal JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, people rated women who had undergone facial rejuvenation procedures as being more attractive, likeable, feminine, and having better social skills than women who hadn’t undergone any plastic surgery.

The study evaluated the responses of 173 people – 63 men and 110 women – who viewed photos of 30 women who had undergone facial plastic surgery procedures. The before-and-after photos were mixed in different groupings to avoid a comparison bias. Overall, the study found that the “after” photos received higher rankings for social skills, likeability, attractiveness, and femininity.

These findings most likely occurred due to the fact that our faces convey certain personality traits to others, even if we’re not intending to do so. By altering your physical appearance, you can also alter the way people’s brains perceive your personality. While it may be an unintended benefit of your plastic surgery procedure, it’s nonetheless a very powerful one that can help you in all of your personal and professional interactions.

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