DC Breast Augmentation: How to Choose A Size

Drs. Bruno and Brown are often asked how to choose the best breast implant size by their DC breast augmentation patients.

The first thing that is important for our DC breast augmentation patients to consider when choosing a breast implant size is to understand that bra cup sizes vary wildly from retailer to retailer and are not an exact measurement of breast size.

Breast implants are measured by exact volume in cubic centimeters (cc’s), so while a cup size might give you a ballpark range of the overall breast size you are trying to achieve, they will not help you choose an exact breast implant size.

Try to put the idea of C cup and D cup out of your mind while you consider your options. Also, remember that your natural breast tissues will contribute to the overall size of your breasts after implants have been placed provided your implants are not part of a breast reconstruction procedure.

Choosing the Right Breast Implant Size For You

A great place to start your journey to understanding breast implant sizes is with the types of breast augmentation.

There are two main ways we achieve the breast augmentation results you desire:

  • Fat Grafting
  • Implant Augmentation (Silicone, Saline, and IDEAL)

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There is a slight variation in size availability for saline and silicone breast implants, however, in general, breast implant volumes range from about 120cc to 800cc. In choosing a breast implant size, it also helps to remember that your skin must stretch to accommodate the implants you choose, so if you have poor skin elasticity or are prone to stretch marks, your cosmetic results may be best if you choose implants that will not put undue stress on your skin.

DC Breast Augmentation ProcedureBreast Implant Profiles

In addition to different volumes, breast implants also come in five different profiles: low, low plus, moderate, full and extra full projections. The implant profile affects the projection of your breast implants, and although they are not directly related to the implant size, they can affect how large or natural your breasts appear. The greater the profile of your breast implant, the greater the height of your breast side wall.

Many patients who desire more upper pole fullness, or cleavage, and are less concerned that their implants look natural choose higher, fuller profile implants, as do patients with very narrow breasts.

Tools to Help You Choose a Breast Implant Size

There are many tools Bruno|Brown can provide you with to help you visualize how different breast implant sizes would look after surgery.

Although none of them offer an exact representation, they can still give you a general idea of the look and proportions implants would create.

Implant sizing is helpful to some patients as they struggle to imagine how they would look with larger breasts. Our sizing kit allows us to determine the overall desired volume and an approximation of how you will look after surgery. We do our sizing with a personal fitted t-shirt to see a general idea of the effect breast implants would have. 

A measuring tape can also be a great help. Having your surgeon take measurements of your chest wall dimensions will help you get a better understanding of your existing body proportions and how they would change with different breast implants. Your surgeon will provide you with appropriate context and a brief anatomy lesson during this stage of the decision-making process.

One of the best resources available to patients choosing a breast implant size is their surgeon’s gallery of breast augmentation before and after photos. Looking at before and after photos of other patients who share a similar build, existing breast size and desired breast size can provide some of the most useful direction to women considering implants. Review as many before and after photos as possible as you make your decision. 

Input From Your DC Plastic Surgeons

Drs. Bruno and Brown will certainly help guide you throughout the process of choosing your ideal breast implants. However, keep in mind that decisions about your implants, including their size, must ultimately rest with you. Be sure to choose a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable asking questions and gathering all of the information you need to make an informed choice. While Drs. Brown and Bruno have spent many years helping women in Chevy Chase, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. choose their breast implants and can offer you invaluable input, you must feel confident in your decision to ensure your expectations for breast augmentation are met. 

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Micro-needling with PRP: What’s all the Buzz About?

Micro-needling with PRP is gaining popularity fast, and it’s no secret why. It can have enormous benefits for your skin; it’s been reported that even Kim Kardashian and Tiger Woods have tried it!

Micro-needling with PRP is a non-invasive procedure that works to reduce the signs of aging and minimizes scarring.

What is Micro-needling with PRP?Micro-needling with PRP

Micro-needling with PRP is a non-invasive procedure which only takes 20 – 40 minutes with a recovery time of 4 – 6 days. During this procedure, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is obtained by drawing a small amount of blood from your arm into a sterile tube. The PRP is then applied topically during and after the micro-needling procedure in which the top layer of skin is penetrated without being damaged.

The pen used for micro-needling creates tiny channels, called micro-channels, at a specific depth in your skin to trigger the body’s natural healing process. The added benefits from applying the PRP allow new collagen and elastin to be produced in the papillary dermis and new capillaries are formed for an improved blood supply. This procedure kick-starts the body’s healing process with rejuvenation.

According to US Magazine, “The cutting-edge beauty treatment has been used since the early 90s on top sports athletes who had suffered soft tissue damage, but has now come into fashion as an alternative to facial fillers and Botox.”

Why Consider Micro-needling with PRP?

Micro-needling with PRP will consistently trigger the bodies repair process until the desired level of skin rejuvenation is achieved. Results from this procedure can include new collagen and elastin creating improved skin tone and texture, increased skin firmness and elasticity, reduction of scars, pores, hyperpigmentation, age spots, stretch marks, and improves the appearance of rosacea. These results can last up to one year.

The experience of your plastic surgeon translates directly to the quality of your results. Choose a plastic surgeon you can trust like Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery for your micro-needling with PRP procedure. We are committed to providing effective results.

We look forward to seeing you for your free consultation or micro-needling with PRP procedure soon!

The Mommy Makeover Experience

If you have experienced unwelcome changes to your body after undergoing pregnancy, a mommy makeover can help you regain your self-confidence and feel comfortable in your post-pregnancy body.

A mommy makeover experience can include any number of procedures to restore and enhance your body.

Mommy Makeover Optionsmommy makeover

As a mom you may be used to putting everyone else first, but it’s important to consider your own needs too. Treating yourself to a mommy makeover can enhance your body and restore your self-confidence. A mommy makeover can be any combination of these procedures:

  • Breast Augmentation: Improves projection and reshapes cleavage, returning breast volume and improving definition- particularly for women who have lost significant breast volume from breastfeeding
  • Breast Lift: Improves position and symmetry of the breast, tightening skin and increasing shape
  • Tummy Tuck: Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, particularly after pregnancy
  • Liposuction: Removes excess, loose, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy

Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

With a mom makeover you will undergo multiple surgeries at once. This saves on cost and allows you to experience just one recovery period.

It usually takes between five to seven hours with an overnight hospital stay optional, but available to the patient. The recovery period is about two to three weeks. Patients should be at least four to six months post childbirth, not breastfeeding, and close to their ideal body weight.

With your lifestyle and goals in mind your expert plastic surgeons at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery will help you determine which combination of procedures is right for your circumstances. It is particularly important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon for your makeover as it includes multiple procedures which can dramatically alter your body.

Our physicians are experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons that you can trust for your mommy makeover surgery.

We look forward to seeing you for your free consultation of mommy makeover experience soon!

Dermal Fillers: The New “Nose Job”

A non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers works to adjust any irregularities and improve the appearance of the nose.dermal fillers - DC liquid nose job

Often one of the first things people notice about you is your nose, so it’s no wonder rhinoplasty is such a popular procedure. Dermal Filler procedures are gaining popularity as a less permanent alternative to the traditional surgical rhinoplasty as a way to adjust the appearance and shape of your nose.

Using Dermal Fillers Around the Nose

During the procedure, small amounts of filler are injected into problem areas to improve volume, adjust irregularities, and smooth out the bridge of the nose. The procedure has no recovery time and only takes about 10-30 minutes. Since filler is non-surgical it is becoming a popular alternative to nose jobs, often for women who are still determining how they want to alter their nose.

If this procedure is right for you, it’s essential to find an experienced DC plastic surgeon like Drs. Bruno and Brown for your non-surgical nose job. The experience of your surgeon translates directly to the quality of your results, and the nose is a particularly delicate feature. The blood supply to the nose is quite weak (even more so if you have undergone a previous surgery) so it is particularly important to choose a qualified surgeon for the best results.

In addition to a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, fillers are also used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially between the eyes, fill out hollow cheeks and eyes, plump the lips, restructure receding chins, and generally increase facial volume.

What Types of Dermal Fillers are Available at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery?

There are a few different types of fillers available and your surgeon will work with you to determine which best fits your circumstances and how this procedure can work to address your problem areas.

  • Juvederm – An injectable gel that immediately smooths lines and wrinkles around the nose with results lasting up to 1 year. Juvederm is the filler the doctor is using on a patient on the photo displayed.
  • Vollure– Softens moderate to severe lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the lines around the nose, producing subtle and long-lasting results for up to 18 months.
  • Voluma– Instantly adds contour and a subtle lift for smooth, natural-looking results and a more youthful profile lasting up to 2 years.

We look forward to seeing you for your dermal filler procedure or free consultation soon.

The Benefits of Liposuction DC

Liposuction DCIf diet and exercise alone have not been enough to achieve your goals, consider the benefits of liposuction DC.

Liposuction DC can completely change your appearance by removing fat and flattening your problem areas.

Who Should Consider Liposuction DC?

During liposuction DC, fat is removed through suction utilizing a thin metal tube, or cannula. This process can completely reshape problem areas and drastically decrease the size of areas, such as your abdomen or thighs. This procedure can be a solution for patients who have tirelessly tried diet and exercise without progressing toward their goals. It only takes one to four hours and has a recovery time of only three to five days. Patients also do not need to stay overnight at the hospital.

Good candidates for this procedure are typically within thirty percent of their ideal weight, have firm skin and good muscle tone, and are in good overall health. They should not smoke (or are prepared to quit for the duration of their surgery and recovery) and have one or more problem areas where they would like fat to be removed.

Some patients choose liposuction DC because, while they have otherwise normal body weight, they carry excess weight in a certain area such as the outer thigh region.  This weight can be due to any number of causes such as genetics, aging, pregnancy, or prior surgery. Read more about the reasons for choosing this procedure with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Some areas that can be treated include:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks, also known as love handles or muffin top
  • Neck and jawline
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Calves and ankles
  • Arms
  • Hips

What are my Liposuction DC Options?

Once you have decided that this procedure is right for you, experienced plastic surgeons like Drs. Bruno or Brown will work with you to determine which type of liposuction is right for you:

  • Traditional tumescent liposuction
  • Body-Tite or SmartLipo
  • Power-assisted liposuction

For more information on liposuction DC schedule your free consultation with Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery today.

Breast Implants DC

If you’re interested in reshaping or increasing the size of your breasts, then breast implants DC may be the right choice. Breast Implants DC

Breast implants DC can boost your confidence and help you achieve your goals.

What Breast Implants DC Can Do for You

Breast implants DC is a procedure in which breast enhancement is achieved through the reshaping and resizing of the breasts using either fat grafting, saline implants, silicone implants, or ideal implants. Each type of implant has different benefits so it is important to discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon so they can aid you in making the right choice. Drs. Bruno and Brown are highly experienced surgeons who can help you determine what’s right for your individual goals and lifestyle.

This procedure can work to correct many issues, such as increasing breast symmetry, cleavage, breast shape and volume, and improving projection. Particularly after life events such as aging, pregnancy, or extreme weight loss, your breast shape and size can change dramatically. This procedure can help return your confidence and body shape to before these life events altered your appearance.

Receiving breast implants can help boost confidence and allow you to feel comfortable in your own skin. For more information on the benefits of breast implants, visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Candidates for Breast Implants DC Should Fit These Guidelines:

  • Overall good health
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Not currently pregnant or nursing
  • May have a breast asymmetry
  • May have undergone life events such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, which altered the appearance of the breasts

What Breast Implants DC Can’t Do

Breast implants can’t work to correct severely sagging breasts. However, a breast lift can work to alter drooping breasts, allowing them to look fuller and perkier. Most patients who determine that both breast implants DC and a breast lift are right for them can have these procedures performed at the same time. Your expert plastic surgeon like Drs. Bruno or Brown will assist you in making the decision that is right for your circumstances.

 To discuss what breast implants DC can do for you get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation today.