DC Ear Surgery: What You Need to Know

DC Ear SurgeryImprove the shape, position, or proportion of your ears with DC ear surgery

 If you have protruding ears that are leading to a decrease in self-confidence, you might want to consider ear surgery. This procedure corrects protruding ears in order to create a more natural shape while bringing balance to your ears and face.

What is ear surgery?

This procedure is also known as ‘Otoplasty’ or ‘Ear Pinning’. In this procedure, the protrusion of the ears is reduced by reshaping the base of the ear for a more harmonious appearance.

This is done by creating an incision that is placed behind the ear, in the creases, and the cartilage is bent into a new shape. Sutures are then placed on the interior to maintain the new position. Results are often dramatic and we invite you to view before and after photos of patients who have opted to undergo ear surgery in DC here.

For more information about the procedure, read this from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

DC otoplasty benefits:

There are many benefits to this procedure, including:

  • Reducing the protrusion of the ears
  • Improving self-image
  • Increasing overall facial harmony 

Who does ear pinning treat?

  • Overly large ears: This is caused by a condition called macrotia. The procedure can make your ears look more proportional to the rest of your facial features.
  • Protruding ears occurring on one or both sides in varying degrees: Improve the balance of your ears and improve your self-image
  • Dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery: If you’re not satisfied with your previous ear surgery, consult with our doctors about how we can help!

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your surgery

One of the most important considerations to make when deciding to undergo plastic surgery is choosing a team you can trust. The experts at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery have many years of experience, are trained for performing the otoplasty procedure, and have performed it many times successfully.

Take the next steps to improve the shape of your ears and increase your self-confidence with Otoplasty by scheduling a consultation.





Enhance Your Facial Harmony and Balance with Rhinoplasty in Falls Church

Rhinoplasty in Falls ChurchAre you considering rhinoplasty in Falls Church?

Rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’ or ‘nose reshaping,’ can correct the proportions of your nose, ensuring a more balanced face. Rhinoplasty can also fix many of the breathing issues caused by a deviated septum.

Benefits of a nose job procedure

There are several benefits to a nose job, including:

  • Reforming a nose which has been broken
  • Altering nasal size, which is too narrow, constricted, wide, or upturned
  • Reshaping a nose with an irregular shape
  • Improving breathing restricted by a deviated septum
  • Reducing or lengthening the breadth or height of a nose
  • Smoothing a crooked nose

Celebrities who have opted to undergo nose jobs

There are quite a few celebrities who have had their life changed for the better with a nose job. They share their experiences by saying, “I did it the summer before going to a new school,” Lisa Kudrow, the Friends and Scandal actress, told The Saturday Evening Post. “That was a good, good, good change.”

According to a Marie Claire article, fitness guru Jillian Michaels admitted to going under the knife. “I had my nose done when I was 16 years old,” she said. “And I’ll be honest, it did change my life.”

Glee star Dianna Agron also discussed her nose job after having broken her nose twice: “I couldn’t get it fixed because we were in the middle of doing this concert tour and we were filming. We had a day off and I met up with some of my friends and we were dancing. And again, there was another collision of sorts—I must be turning too quickly, people don’t see me coming or something—but it’s fixed now!”

Trust the experts at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery with your nose job in Falls Church

We use a number of methods to perform the rhinoplasty procedure, including careful surgical techniques or in-office fillers. Our physicians will discuss your goals and will work closely with you to determine which rhinoplasty procedure is best for your needs and lifestyle.

If you’re interested in discussing how rhinoplasty in Falls Church may be best for you, schedule your consultation today.





Alicia Tenise Shares Her Breast Augmentation Experience with Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery

Alicia Tenise Breast AugmentationAlicia Tenise is a top D.C. based fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger. She recently came to our team to undergo breast augmentation surgery and shared her full experience from beginning to end.

Why did Alicia choose breast augmentation surgery?

There are several reasons people choose to undergo plastic surgery. Whether it be to improve self-confidence, correct disproportions, or any other personal reason, it can be a rewarding experience.

Alicia chose to have the surgery following a weight gain that left her breasts disproportionate. This was not a decision made lightly and something she gave serious thought, but ultimately decided was right for her saying “I wanted to even out the size of my breasts, and I also opted to go a bit larger.”

She does say that “if you’re considering plastic surgery, you should do it for you and only you.” Adding that “if you believe that undergoing a cosmetic procedure will improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, then by all means: go for it.”


Alicia Tenise Breast AugmentationHow to choose a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation surgery

When choosing a plastic surgeon, you might not know where to start, especially if it’s your first procedure. Alicia researched long and hard before deciding to work with our team saying “I read dozens of reviews online and in local magazines, and I ensured that the surgeons were board-certified and asked the doctors about their experience with breast augmentation. If you’re thinking about getting any type of cosmetic procedure done, make sure to ask your doctor(s) how many years of experience they have, how they trained for the procedure, and how many times they’ve performed said procedure.”

Our team works with patients to ensure they know what the procedure entails and are ready to help you through the entire process. Alicia described her own experience saying “I had three pre-op office visits before the surgery and was able to get a feel for the staff and the office environment, and I loved how friendly and helpful everyone was. I also loved that the doctors and staff were always available to answer any questions I had. I felt like they prepared me very well for the surgery, and I knew what to expect. After the surgery, both doctors were on call to assist in any way necessary. I had my surgery right before Memorial Day Weekend, and both doctors called to check in on me throughout the weekend — even though it was a holiday. I called them at 8:30 AM on a Saturday since I had a question about medication, and I was able to get an instant response. I was shocked!”


Alicia Tenise Breast Augmentation

Choosing the right size implant for your breast augmentation surgery

Many patients ask for guidance on the right size and/or type of implant for them. We aim to advise you on the best option for you, but you do have the chance to see what your implants may look like with different sizes.

Of Alicia’s own experience she said, “with the help of Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown, I decided to get a 250cc implant on the left, and a 220cc implant on the right to even out the size of my breasts. I also opted for a silicone implant based on their recommendation. I went from a 34C to a 34DD.” She went on to describe the process of testing out different sizes: “I was able to try on a bra with the implants in the office to get an idea of what size I preferred. I knew I wanted relatively small implants, but I tried a range of sizes. It was great to try on the bra and know exactly what size I’d end up with!”


Alicia Tenise Breast AugmentationThe recovery process

We explain the recovery process to our patients beforehand, so they know what to expect. But when the unexpected arises, we are here to answer your questions.

Every recovery is unique, but Alicia found little to no issues with hers. As far as her recovery went, she said “Day two, I needed to take some medication to help with the discomfort. I wouldn’t say that I was in a ton of pain; my body was adjusting to the extra weight in front. The doctors told me to remove the surgical bra and wrap the second day and get into an underwire bra. I had to wear an underwire bra around the clock for a few days, and I was pretty swollen for the week after surgery. After four days, I was able to walk around normally and without any issues.”

To read Alicia’s full blog click here.

Schedule your breast augmentation consultation by contacting us online or calling us at 301-215-5955 today.






Things to Consider When You’re Looking at Breast Reduction in DC

Breast Reduction DCHave you ever considered breast reduction due to pain in your neck or back? Maybe you’ve considered it just to improve the look of your breasts and make them more appropriately proportioned to your body. No matter what your reasoning, we’re here to help guide you through breast reduction surgery in DC and advise you on your specific case.

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, is a procedure in which excess breast tissue and skin are removed to help you achieve a breast size that is appropriate to your body as well as reducing the strain on your neck and back. It can be common for patients with large breasts to experience physical and emotional pain from their breasts. But before going into surgery, there are things to consider.

What you need to think about before getting a breast reduction in DC

Are you a good candidate for breast reduction surgery?

  • You have breasts that are overdeveloped
  • Your physical activity is limited due to the size of your breasts
  • Your breasts have caused you back and/or neck pain
  • Your breasts have interfered with your daily life
  • Your posture has been affected due to the weight of your breasts
  • You have difficulty finding clothes that fit you properly
  • You have experienced painful marks from bra straps on your shoulders

Benefits of the procedure:

  • The appearance of your breasts will be improved
  • You will be able to be more physically active
  • You may experience a reduction in back and neck pain
  • You may see a boost in self-confidence
  • The average recovery time is only around 2-3 weeks

Turn to the experts when considering breast reduction in DC

Our team at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery wants to ensure that your surgery is done correctly and safely. Our doctors have access to a range of accredited and well-respected medical facilities where we strive to provide technically advanced procedures that will offer you the best possible result. We take the time to talk with you about your goals and explain the process so that you feel comfortable before deciding on surgery.

Contact us today to set up your breast reduction consultation.





‘Side Boob’: How to Achieve This Popular Trend with Breast Augmentation in DC

Breast Augmentation in DCOne of the most sought-after trends right now, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is the ‘side boob’. To achieve this look, the expert surgeons at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery recommend enhancing your breasts with breast augmentation in DC.

About the phenomenon that is ‘side boob’

Side boob is exactly what it sounds like and is revealed when the side of your breasts show in your clothing. You’ve probably seen celebs posting in dresses, swimsuits and other pieces of clothing donning the side boob. Dubbed “the new cleavage”, many women want them to show subtly from their clothing, but it might not always be naturally achievable. 

Achieve the best ‘side boob’ with DC breast augmentation

The most direct way to achieve this look is not strength training or weight loss, it’s breast enhancement surgery.

Breast enhancement, or breast augmentation, is a popular procedure that can completely reshape and resize the appearance of your breasts.

The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery will work with you to determine how to best achieve your desired look.

You have various different ways we can achieve the results you desire for your breast augmentation:

  • Saline implants: A silicone shell is filled to your preferred volume, increasing the shape and size of your breasts
  • Silicone implants: A silicone shell is filled to the desired volume and offers a more natural look
  • Fat grafting: Uses liposuction to transfer fat from other parts of the body to the breasts, giving a fuller look
  • Ideal Implants: Ideal Implants were approved by the FDA in 2014 after 10 years in development. They provide a natural feel and youthful look without using silicone gel by using a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold the saline.

Each implant type has unique benefits and results so the best way to determine which will work best for you is to consult the doctors on your overall appearance goals.

Read a real-life DC breast augmentation experience to learn more about what to expect during the procedure.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your consultation for a breast augmentation procedure in Washington DC, contact us today.




Potomac, Maryland: Your Guide to The Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Potomac, MDIf your hardworking efforts towards dieting and exercise are failing to yield the results you desire, consider a tummy tuck in Potomac, MD

The tummy tuck procedure can completely reshape your stomach area and remove excess or loose skin.

Tummy tuck surgery for celebrities

Tummy tuck surgery is increasingly popular- even some celebrities are choosing to undergo this procedure. Shanna Moakler, actress and model, has 3 children. Since her tummy tuck procedure in 2018, she has been flaunting her body saying, “I am so thankful and so happy with my results”. Read the full article here.

Your guide to tummy tuck surgery in Potomac, MD

For your tummy tuck surgery, your expert plastic surgeon at Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery will work with you to determine how the procedure can best address your goals. We take a holistic approach to this surgery which means that the overall waistline is shaped to achieve the best results, rather than focusing solely on the problem area.

This approach is so comprehensive it can help you drop several pants sizes and ensures the results are as natural-looking as possible.

Ideal candidates for the tummy tuck surgery have experienced pregnancy or significant weight loss, which has left stubborn, excess tissue and loose skin that diet and exercise alone cannot remove. Ideal candidates for this procedure are also in good health and near their ideal weight, with realistic goals in mind for their desired look.

Your tummy tuck options include:

  • Mini tummy tuck: Involving a much smaller incision (often combined with liposuction)
  • Full tummy tuck: Involving an incision across the hip line and around the belly button
  • Extended tummy tuck: Involving multiple incisions around the flank, lower back and hip line (best for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight)

During this procedure, the appearance of your abdomen is reshaped. The surgery usually takes between two to four hours with a recovery time of around two to three weeks. Your expert plastic surgeon will work with you to determine which option is best for your circumstances.

As experienced plastic surgeons, we look forward to hearing from you to schedule your consultation for your Potomac, MD tummy tuck.






Thinking About Breast Reduction in Tysons Corner, VA? Here’s What You Should Know

Breast Reduction in Tysons Corner, VADo you find that everyday activities such as walking or small household tasks are difficult because of the size of your breasts? Are you looking to ease discomfort or achieve a breast size that you feel is proportionate to your body? If so, consider breast reduction in Tysons Corner, VA.

More information about the breast reduction procedure in Tysons Corner, VA:

Why Would a Patient Need Breast Reduction Surgery?

Patients with hypertrophy (overdeveloped or disproportionately large breasts) often experience discomfort from the weight of their breasts. This can make it challenging to perform common physical activities.

Although breast reduction surgery is often performed to address medical issues, patients that are simply unhappy with the breast size can still have a breast reduction procedure. Breast reduction surgery lifts and reshapes the breasts for a smaller and more aesthetically pleasing breast contour.

What Happens During the Breast Reduction Surgery?

In this procedure, excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed in order to achieve both a reduced size and a desired shape. The breast is also lifted.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction?

Benefits of the procedure include:

  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Improved aesthetic appearance of the breast
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved ability to participate in physical activities

Am I a Candidate for Tysons Corner, VA Breast Reduction?

Ideal candidates can experience one or more of the following:

  • Experience back or neck pain from the weight of their breasts
  • Have bad posture as a result of the weight of the breasts
  • Find that the size of their breasts interferes with everyday tasks
  • Have trouble finding clothing that will fit properly
  • Are limited in their ability to participate in physical activities or exercise

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons shares more on what to expect during the procedure here.

Tysons Corner Breast Reduction: Choose Expert Plastic Surgeon for the Best and Safest Results

It is important that you find an expert plastic surgeon to ensure the surgery is done correctly. From your consultation to your procedure, the doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery will want to understand your complete medical history, any physical conditions you’ve had, why you’re seeking a breast reduction, and the goals you have for your outcome.

Contact us today to set up your breast reduction consultation. 


Look and Feel Your Best with A Mommy Makeover in McLean, VA

Mommy Makeover in McLean, VAThe Kids Are Back in School so Now You Can Refocus on Feeling and Looking Your Best With a McLean, VA Mommy Makeover

We understand that after years of trying and failing to regain your pre-pregnancy figure, it can seem impossible to do so. A mommy makeover can help you regain your confidence and get your body back in ways that dieting and exercise cannot.

Get Your Mommy Makeover in McLean, VA

A mommy makeover can be customized to fit your specific needs depending on your goals. Your experienced plastic surgeon will work with you to choose the right procedures for you and your lifestyle. Mommy makeovers often include multiple procedures including:

  • Liposuction: Through careful, targeted suction, excess fat and tissue are permanently removed
  • Tummy Tuck: This procedure can completely reshape the appearance of your abdomen by removing excess fat and loose skin around the waistline
  • Breast Lift: Breasts are lifted to enhance the position and symmetry and reduce the appearance of aging or sagging breasts
  • Labiaplasty: Sculpts and reshapes the labia minora and/or labia majora.

Candidates for this procedure should be close to their goal weight, and at least four to six months post-childbirth. Also, they should have stopped breastfeeding. Mommy makeovers usually take between 5-7 hours and no overnight stay at the hospital is required.

What Are the Benefits of a Mommy Makeover?

Reclaiming your pre-pregnancy shape can give you a more positive self-image and allow you to feel comfortable in your skin again.

Ultimately, this procedure combines multiple procedures at once so a mommy makeover can be more cost-effective than having multiple traditional surgeries.

Benefits of this procedure include:

  • Removal of excess, loose, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy
  • Reduction in stretch marks
  • Enhancing the breasts
  • Contours the waistline and hipline to enhance the overall figure

Choose Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery for your Mommy Makeover in McLean, VA

The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery are specialists at helping moms get their body back by focusing on reshaping your overall figure rather than targeting a specific problem area in order to achieve the best results possible.

Contact us for more information on the mommy makeover procedure or to schedule a consultation.