What You Need to Know Before Getting a Breast Lift in DC

Breast Lift in DCA breast lift is a great option for women who experience sagging breasts due to aging, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. Whether you want to restore a youthful look, or you want to feel more comfortable in your skin, a breast lift procedure may be a good option for you.

Benefits of a breast lift in DC can include:

  • Improved symmetry of the breasts
  • Improved cleavage
  • Tighter skin around the breast
  • Improved breast shape
  • Improved position of the breast
  • Increased confidence

What a DC breast lift procedure involves

Before deciding on a breast lift, you should find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Good candidates must be in good overall health, have realistic expectations for their results, and have breasts that could benefit from a lift as far as shape and position. You’ll also need to discuss with your doctor which breast lift approach is right for your specific case.

There are four types of breast lift procedure that are commonly performed:

  • Anchor– An anchor breast lift involves three basic incisions. One located around the areola, another vertical to the breast crease, and the last is horizontal along the breast crease.
  • Lollipop– The lollipop breast lift involves three incisions. One incision located around the areola, and the other vertical to the breast crease.
  • Periareolar– The periareolar involves one incision around the areola.
  • Crescent– The crescent breast lift involves one incision that only goes around the top half of the areola.

Turn to a top-rated DC plastic surgeon for your breast lift in DC

The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery aim to provide the best possible result for their patients while always keeping their safety as the top priority. Your doctor can go through the different options for your specific case and make recommendations to achieve your specific goals.

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How a Breast Reduction Can Solve Your Back and Neck Pain

Breast Reduction in DCIf you suffer from back and neck pain due to the size of your breasts, a breast reduction in DC may be right for you.

Why you should consider a breast reduction in DC

A breast reduction is a great option for patients who wish to relieve back and neck pain caused by the size of their breasts and improve the aesthetic appearance of their breasts by reducing their size.

There are several benefits of the procedure, which can include:

  • More proportionate breast size
  • Relief from back and neck pain
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved ability to participate in physical activities
  • Relief from bra straps that leave painful marks on the body
  • Improved ability to find clothing that fits
  • Improved posture

What the DC breast reduction procedure involves

During a breast reduction, excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed from the breasts to achieve a size and shape that suits the patient’s body and goals. The breast may also have a lift performed during the procedure. Each case is different, and you can discuss your specific goals with your doctor to decide on the best approach for you.

Talk to a top-rated DC plastic surgeon before your breast reduction in DC.

The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery are highly trained and aim to give patients the most advanced treatments while always keeping patient safety top priority. They can discuss your specific case and decide if the procedure is right for you. They’ll walk you through the entire process, so you feel comfortable before, during, and after your procedure.

Whether you want the procedure to help relieve you of pain, improve the appearance of your breasts, or both, we’re here to help.

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Reach Your Goals with A Tummy Tuck in DC

Tummy Tuck in DCAre you unhappy with the look of your midsection, and no amount of diet or exercise seems to help? A tummy tuck may be able to help you get the trim shape you’ve always wanted by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin in your midsection.

Six benefits of a tummy tuck in DC:

  • A flatter stomach
  • Improved look of abdominal muscles
  • Smaller waist and hipline
  • Enhanced figure
  • Removal of excess skin and fat due to weight loss or pregnancy
  • Improved confidence

How to know if a DC tummy tuck is right for you

Before deciding to get a tummy tuck, you should find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Good candidates are in good overall health, near their ideal weight or figure, have realistic expectations, have excess skin or fat in their midsection, or those who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Choose a top-rated plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck in DC

When you’re deciding whether or not to get a tummy tuck, it’s best to discuss your options with a top-rated plastic surgeon who can make recommendations based on your goals. Not all tummy tucks are the same, and the procedure can vary based on your specific needs. The three types of tummy tucks are: a full tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, and an extended tummy tuck.

The doctors at Bruno | Brown will be able to walk you through the procedure that’s right for you and guide you through the entire process. We’re committed to providing top-notch care for our patients while always putting patient safety at the top of our priority list.

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What You Need to Know About Breast Implants in DC

Breast Implants in DCBreast augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures with over 300,000 in 2018 alone. People choose this procedure to enlarge their breasts, increase symmetry, return breast volume, and a variety of other reasons. But before deciding on breast implants, you should figure out if the procedure is right for you.

Are breast implants in DC right for you?

Breast implants are a great way to achieve a variety of goals, but you need to make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Good candidates are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Interested in increasing their breast size
  • May have breast asymmetry
  • Are not currently pregnant or nursing
  • Are in good overall health

Do the benefits of DC breast implants match your goals?

You want to ensure that the benefits of the procedure will help you achieve your physical and emotional goals. Some people want to improve their physical appearance, their personal confidence, or a mix of the two. The benefits can include:

  • Increase in breast size
  • Increase in breast symmetry
  • Improved breast volume and shape
  • A return of breast volume and shape following weight loss, pregnancy, or aging
  • Increased confidence

Discuss the benefits of breast implants with a top-rated DC plastic surgeon

Just like any other surgery, you’ll want to consult with a doctor beforehand to make sure the procedure is right for you. You can discuss your personal goals and hopes for the procedure with your doctor and come up with a plan that will best meet your needs.

The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery are highly trained and committed to providing top of the line care while ensuring a patient’s safety and satisfaction. We’ll make sure this is the procedure for you and recommend what type of implant will best suit your goals. We’ll explain the process in full, so you know what to expect and feel comfortable.

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