Do Something For Yourself With a Mommy Makeover in DC

Mommy MakeoverBecoming a mother is one of the most life-changing experiences a woman can go through. Your routine, lifestyle, and body all go through major changes and many women put their own needs on the backburner after having kids. While you eventually get used to your new routine and lifestyle, you may not get used to the changes in your body. While exercise and diet can help, it can be difficult to find the time to truly take care of your body and even if you can, it doesn’t always get you where you want to be. If you’re ready to see a positive change in your body and do something for yourself, a mommy makeover may be a great option for you.

Why so many women choose a mommy makeover in DC

The mommy makeover procedure is designed to be tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Whether you need liposuction, a tummy tuck, breast lift, or breast enhancement the procedure is meant to be altered depending on your needs. After pregnancy, it can be extremely hard to lose the baby weight and most women experience changes in their breasts that can’t be reversed no matter how much exercise you do. During your consultation with the doctors at Bruno | Brown, we’ll discuss your areas of insecurity and come up with a plan to achieve your goals. The procedure can achieve the following:

  • Slimmer midsection– Through one or more procedures, our doctors can remove excess skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and remove excess fat giving you a more trim appearance.
  • Perkier breasts– We can consider a lift, augmentation, and/or a reduction depending on your needs. Breastfeeding can leave your breasts saggy and many women experience either excess breast tissue or their breasts look deflated. We’ll take a look at your needs when deciding on which procedure, or procedures, are right for you.
  • Improved confidence– Following the procedure, many women feel more confident in their own skin.

Considerations for your DC mommy makeover consultation

When you’ve decided to consult with a doctor for a mommy makeover it’s important to consider your overall health, your goals, and whether you’re planning on having more children or not. These are all factors that play a role in whether the procedure is right for you. Our doctors will take a look at your case and goals then discuss the next steps. We keep our patient’s safety and well-being top of mind and want to ensure we’re able to provide the best possible result leaving you confident and in control of your body.

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Reclaim Your Body With A DC Tummy Tuck

DC Tummy TuckDo you suffer from excess skin and fat in your midsection and no amount of diet or exercise seems to help? You may be a candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. The tummy tuck is designed to reshape your midsection by removing excess skin and fat, boosting your confidence and improving your physique.

Is the DC tummy tuck right for you?

If you’re curious about the procedure, you should first consult with a plastic surgeon who can discuss your specific goals and how to best achieve them. Many candidates are women who have had children and wish to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies, others have simply lost weight and had excess skin left behind. We recommend that candidates are in good general health, are near their ideal weight or figure, and have realistic expectations for their outcome. We aim to provide the best possible result and help our patients reclaim their bodies.

How the tummy tuck in DC works

Each case is different, and for that reason, we approach each tummy tuck individually. We start by addressing your main concerns. Is it loose skin that bothers you, excess fat, your overall shape, or stretch marks? These are all factors to consider prior to a tummy tuck. We offer a full, mini, and extended tummy tuck. Each type of tummy tuck is different and selected based on your unique case. We also consider other goals you have and can combine the tummy tuck with other procedures.

Our experience with the tummy tuck procedure

Our doctors are known for producing incredible results. We take the time to listen to each patient’s concerns, wishes, and questions throughout the entire process. We want our patients to feel comfortable before undergoing any procedure and ensure they understand the procedure and what to expect. We perform technically advanced procedures that help us achieve results our patients are thrilled with, and we always keep our patients well being top priority.

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Still Working from Home?

Blepharoplasty Before & AfterIf you’ve been considering a procedure, but are worried about potential recovery time, now is the time to book! Recover privately and comfortably while you work from home.

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Open Your Eyes to What Blepharoplasty Can Do

Sporadic sleep schedules and the stress of the last few months has left many of us feeling and looking tired. Undo the toll that COVID-19 has had with Blepharoplasty! Eyelid surgery can address a number of concerns including droopy eyelids, puffiness, wrinkles and more. This in-office procedure is quick and easy and has a 1-2 week recovery time. Looking wide-eyed and Skincarerefreshed has never been easier.

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Skincare Q & A

From fillers to Botox, to peels and more, we have something to meet every skin care need. Our doctors answer many of your questions in their recent Q&A.

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Breast Implant Q & A With Bruno | Brown

DC Breast ImplantsConsidering breast implants? While breast implants are one of the most popular plastic surgeries each year, there are several burning questions that aren’t exactly common knowledge. If you’re interested in the procedure but aren’t quite an expert on the topic, we’ve got you covered.

Breast implants in DC: You have questions, we have answers

Q: What’s the difference between an implant and fat grafting?

A: We get this question a lot and many women don’t know if they should get an implant or fat grafting. Basically, an implant is just that, an implant, while fat grafting involves taking fat from one part of your body and placing it in your breasts to enlarge them. Deciding which is right for you depends on your goals, the amount of fat on your body, and a variety of other factors that we’ll discuss in a consultation.

Q: How do I know what implant is right for me

A: We offer saline, silicone, and ideal implants. When deciding on an implant we consider the look you’re going for, as each implant can give you a different look, as well as the benefits of each implant. Using that information we can decide on the perfect implant for you that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Q: Can I get a mammogram with breast implants?

A: Perhaps one of the most important questions we’ve received, in short, yes. Breast health is of the utmost importance to us and we recommend yearly mammograms as well as self-examination. Once you’ve had a breast augmentation you can still receive a mammogram without harming the implant.

Q: How do I know if it’s right for me?

A: When you come in for a consultation, we’ll go through what your appearance goals are and how to best achieve them. Each patient is different and may require their own unique surgical plan. Typically, breast implants are meant to increase the size of your breasts, improve the fullness of your chest, and improve the overall symmetry of your chest.

Why so many women choose Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery for their DC breast implants

Our highly trained doctors perform technically advanced procedures that provide incredible results. We take the time to listen to your concerns and go through any questions you have before making a decision on a procedure. Patient safety is our top priority and we aim to support our patients throughout the entire process of recovery so they feel supported and informed.

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The Benefits of a Breast Lift in Washington DC

Washington DC Breast LiftAre you looking to give your breasts a boost and give them a more youthful and perky appearance? If so, a breast lift might be something you should consider. Overtime breasts can lose their volume and sag due to aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. While there are remedies such as push up bras that can improve the appearance of your breasts, they’re not permanent and many women are left feeling less than confident with their appearance.

How a breast lift in Washington, DC can benefit you

There are several benefits to a breast lift including:

  • Improved position of the breasts– A breast lift can adjust the position of your breasts giving them a boost and making them appear more youthful.
  • Increased symmetry– Many women experience asymmetry of the breasts following pregnancy or weight loss. A breast lift can improve the symmetry of your breasts giving you more confidence and making it easier for you to find bras that fit properly.
  • Restored cleavage– Just as you would assume, a breast lift does in fact lift your breasts, but in the process, it can give you more cleavage.
  • Tightening of the skin– As your breasts have begun to sag over time, your skin becomes looser. A breast lift can remove some excess skin and make your breast skin tighter.
  • The procedure can be made to fit your needs– Not all breast lifts are the same and can be tailored to fit your specific goals and needs.

Deciding if the Washington, DC breast lift is right for you

If you’re interested in the breast lift procedure, you should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who can make recommendations as to if the procedure is right for you as well as the type of breast lift that will help you achieve your goals. There are four different types of breast lift we perform, which depend on the needs of the patient. We can also discuss adding volume by including an implant if that is one of your goals.

Our doctors are highly trained and perform technically advanced procedures. We’ll discuss what to expect before, during, and after the procedure and will always keep your best interests and health in mind.

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Your DC Breast Reduction Questions Answered

DC Breast ReductionMany women opt into breast reduction surgery each year to help reduce the size of their breasts for both cosmetic and health reasons. Cosmetically speaking, oversize breasts can make it hard to find clothes that fit properly and can leave women feeling insecure in their own skin with disproportionately sized breasts. However, many women’s reasoning goes beyond appearance. Oversized breasts can cause severe back and neck pain, and can also make it difficult to exercise or be physically active in general. While this procedure is relatively common, there are still several burning questions we receive from patients before they opt into surgery.

Important DC breast reduction facts you should know

We receive a variety of questions from our patients typically revolving around the recovery, benefits, whether the procedure is the right choice, and whether the patient is a good candidate.

  • Recovery– Many patients come to us concerned about the recovery time from the procedure. While you may assume a breast reduction requires extensive recovery, but that is not the case. Most patients experience a recovery time of about 5-7 days before resuming their normal daily routines. Exercise can be resumed once the swelling has dissipated and pain medicine is often only used for a few days.
  • Benefits– Women who undergo the procedure often experience a boost in confidence and feel more control over their bodies. The procedure allows patients to have an easier time finding clothes that fit, exercising, and a reduction in back or neck pain caused by oversized breasts.
  • Breast reduction vs. breast lift– We’ve found that patients are occasionally unsure of what type of procedure they need. The main factor when deciding between a reduction and a lift is the size and volume of your breast. If your main goal is to make your breasts perkier, a lift is often the right choice. But, if you’re looking to make your breasts smaller, a reduction is usually the option for you. We’ll evaluate your needs and goals in your consultation and can make recommendations as to what procedure will best benefit you and consider whether you would benefit from a combination of the two procedures.
  • Candidates for the procedure– Candidates for this procedure typically suffer from back or neck pain due to their breasts, limited physical activity due to their breasts, and have found it difficult to find clothes that fit.

How to choose a surgeon for a breast reduction in DC 

You should choose a surgeon who listens to your needs, is known for producing great results, and can make recommendations that will best suit your goals. Our doctors take the time to listen to you and get a feel for what you really want out of the procedure. We evaluate your individual goals and breasts before coming up with a plan to achieve your breast goals. We perform technically advanced procedures to achieve the best possible result and value your health and safety above all else. We happily explain the process from beginning to end and support you throughout your recovery so you feel comfortable and informed.

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Considerations For Your Mommy Makeover in Washington, DC

Mommy Makeover in DCBeing a mom can be a tough job and many moms find themselves putting everyone else first leaving little time for themselves. Pregnancy can change your body and often women experience difficulty getting back to their pre-baby body even with diet and exercise. If you’ve had a hard time achieving your post-baby body goal, a mommy makeover may be a good option for you.

What you should consider before getting a mommy makeover

  • Your body goals– A mommy makeover can be tailored to your needs. The procedure often includes a mix of a tummy tuck, breast lift and/or implants, and liposuction which can be tailored to target the areas you want to see a change in.
  • Do the benefits align with your goals– The procedure can help you achieve the post-baby body you’re striving for. It can help remove excess skin, give your breasts a boost, and boost your overall confidence
  • Your plans for the future– Many women wonder if a mommy makeover is right for them and a lot of the consideration has to do with your plans for the future. One of the most common questions we get is how long after having a baby a mother can get a mommy makeover. We recommend at least 6-12 months and it’s important to consider whether you want to have more children.

Where to get a mommy makeover in Washington, DC

Our doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery have a stellar reputation and are known for their amazing results. We strive to give our patients the best possible result and keep your safety and well-being top of mind. During your consultation, we’ll discuss what you like and don’t like about your body, how we can help, as well as the mix of procedures that will help you achieve your goals. We support you before, during, and after the procedure as well so you feel comfortable the entire time.

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