Stop. Drop. And Go… To Bethesda For Your Tummy Tuck!

You’ve done the workouts. You’ve done the dieting. You’ve lost the weight. But you just can’t seem to get rid of that annoying tummy fat and skin. You’re not alone; your body has done all the work it can do and just needs a little help. Abdominoplasties, also known as tummy tucks, remove excess skin and fat from your abdomen and waistline in order to achieve a more tightened and toned look. Tummy tucks give you the nudge you need to cross the finish line to achieve your desired body.

What Is a Tummy Tuck and Is It Right For Me?

This process begins with a consultation where you will talk to our board-certified doctors, Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown, about your overall lifestyle and activity levels, what you want to achieve with the procedure, the amount of excess skin or fat that will be removed, the type of incision, and other inquiries you may have. We understand every body is different and therefore requires different approaches; that’s why we value taking the time to learn about you and what would work best for your specific case. From there, it can be determined if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Good candidates for a tummy tuck:DC Tummy Tuck, before and afters

  • are women who would like to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies
  • have recently lost a significant amount of weight
  • are in good general health
  • are near their ideal weight or figure
  • have realistic expectations for their results
  • have excess skin or fat in the stomach region

About the Tummy Tuck Surgery in Bethesda

There are several types of tummy tuck surgeries: full, mini, and extended. The difference between these is the amount of excess fat/skin involved and how large your incision will be. Our doctors will give you an overview of the procedure so you will know what to expect; surgery time is typically between two to four hours, tummy tuck recovery time is usually between two to three weeks, and there is no overnight hospital stay required.

The benefits of this procedure can include:

  • flattening the stomach area
  • improving the appearance of abdominal muscles
  • reducing the size of the waistline and hipline
  • enhancing your overall figure
  • tightening the stomach muscles
  • removal of excess, loose, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy
  • reduced appearance of stretch marks, particularly after pregnancy

Combining Your Bethesda Tummy Tuck With Other Procedures

Tummy tucks can also be combined with other procedures such as liposuction or mommy makeovers. Liposuction can be used when there are small areas of fat that won’t go away despite your best efforts. A thin metal tube uses a suction method to remove these areas in the least invasive way possible, making your recovery time faster. Mommy makeovers are a combination of many procedures including a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or reduction, sculpting, and more. Together these procedures help restore your pre-pregnancy body and boost your confidence. Overall, the tummy tuck is a great procedure to have done alone or accompanied with other procedures.

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Everything You Need to Know About Liposuction in Chevy Chase, MD

The liposuction procedure involves removing excess fat deposits to reshape specific areas of the body and improve body proportions. The purpose of this treatment is to help patients achieve the more contoured, balanced shape that they want. Board Certified plastic surgeons Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown have helped numerous patients with liposuction in Chevy Chase to obtain their desired results.

Liposuction Chevy Chase Before and After Stomach

Your Chevy Chase Liposuction Considerations

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because of its versatility and minimally invasive nature.

  • Procedure time – Liposuction surgery lasts about 1 to 4 hours
  • Recovery time – Liposuction recovery is about 3 to 5 days, with no overnight stay at a hospital required

A liposuction procedure is personalized to the individual patient. The surgeons at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery prioritize personalization and ask patients about their target areas for fat removal, their lifestyle and activity levels, and discuss skin elasticity before the procedure to ensure the best possible outcomes. Liposuction procedures are great options for both men and women and are effective in trouble areas for all candidates.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Determining the type of procedure that is right for you also depends on if you qualify as a liposuction candidate. Doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery prioritize safety above all else and will ensure it is safe to go ahead with any procedure before surgery.

Qualifications for good candidates for liposuction:

  • In good health
  • Don’t smoke (or are prepared to quit smoking)
  • Have good muscle tone and firm elastic skin
  • Are within 30% of their target weight
  • Have at least one area of fat to be removed
  • Have realistic expectations for their desired figure

What are the Different Types of Liposuction and What Do they Target?

Once you have decided that liposuction is right for you, you will be able to work with Bruno | Brown’s Board Certified Plastic surgeons to determine which technique better fits your needs. The first technique is traditional tumescent liposuction. This uses a thin, hollow tube to loosen excess fat by a back-and-forth movement, which is then removed. The second technique is power-assisted liposuction, which incorporates a device that produces rapid, small vibrations to break up fat before it can ultimately be taken out. While both techniques can offer effective results, it is a critical step at the beginning of one’s procedure to understand which technique is right for you.

Liposuction can treat and remove excess fat on various parts of the body. These areas include the abdomen, ankles, arms, buttocks, cheeks, chin, hips, knees, neck, thighs, and waist.

Liposuction Chevy Chase Before and After Back

How Much Does Liposuction Cost in Chevy Chase?

The cost of a liposuction procedure can vary based, as each procedure is unique to the goals and needs of each individual patient.

Some of the factors that impact the cost of a Liposuction procedure are the type of technique chosen, whether other surgical procedures are being conducted at the same time, and general surgery costs.

Where Can I find a Top-Rated Plastic Surgeon for My Chevy Chase Liposuction Procedure?

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your liposuction procedure is of crucial importance.

You want to go into surgery completely confident that your doctor is well-trained, knowledgeable, and cautious when operating. The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery are committed to performing safe and technically advanced procedures above all else. It is of utmost priority to them to provide amazing results while keeping in mind what is suited to each individual patient.

Liposuction for Men in Chevy Chase

One of the questions we often get asked is whether we perform liposuction on men. This is an incredibly popular procedure for both men and women, and we can help anyone target their trouble zones and achieve their contouring goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction With Dr. Brown

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Top Plastic Surgeons DC

Looking for some of the top Washington DC plastic surgeons? Visit Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery to meet with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown, who have been providing top-quality plastic and cosmetic surgical care for decades. Best DC Plastic Surgeons, photo of Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown

Get to Know Our Top DC Plastic Surgeons

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery helps patients improve their appearance and feel youthful through various surgical procedures that target the breast, face, and body.

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown are considered some of the DC’s top plastic surgeons. Both of our board-certified surgeons will be by your side through every step of the surgery process, all the way from your initial consultation to the last appointment in your healing process.

Dr. Brown has been featured in various publications including the New York Times, What’s Up Annapolis, Capitol File, Baltimore Magazine, DC Modern Luxury. Dr. Brown was also featured in the Washingtonian, where he was highlighted in articles and voted one of Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Doctors.

Dr. Bruno has been featured in the Consumers Research Council of America, where he was recognized as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. Additionally, he has been peer-voted as one of the Top Doctors by Washingtonian Magazine for breast reconstructive plastic surgery.

Both Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown won Washingtonian Top Docs – Plastic Surgery in 2022!

Hospital Privileges for Our DC Plastic Surgeons

Our office understands that choosing to get plastic surgery done can be a very personal and private decision, which is why we are committed to providing advanced procedures with sound surgical principles to obtain effective and safe results.

The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery have hospital privileges at:

  • Sibley Memorial Hospital
  • Loudoun
  • Fair Oaks Hospitals
  • Suburban Hospital
  • INOVA Fairfax
  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center

You can trust our surgeons to help each patient look and feel their best through the entire consultation and recovery process.

Plastic Surgery Offered by Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery- Your DC Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown are both board-certified plastic surgeons and offer a plethora of surgical and nonsurgical procedures in their repertoire. These procedures can include:

Tummy Tuck DC

  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Mommy Makeovers
  • Breast augmentation
  • Rhinoplasties
  • Liposuction/Lipo360
  • Face Lifts
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Brow Lifts
  • Brazilian Butt Lifts/BBLs
  • and so much more!

“The are the BEST plastic surgeons in DC

Read some of the amazing reviews from our patients

Dr. Brown is a true artist and very concerned with aesthetics when approaching all procedures. I had my ear lobes repaired from big gauges and he has fixed them better than I was born with! They are so cute and perfect now. I would trust him to improve anything I found bothersome about myself!” — Jourdan D.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Bruno. I had to have cosmetic work after a breast cancer diagnosis and at the same time as a partial mastectomy. I am very happy with the result and my experience there. He did a terrific job and he couldn’t have been nicer. He even returned one of my calls at 9 pm at night. And his office is well run and the staff are friendly and efficient. I highly recommend.” — Kathleen G.

“I’m so happy I found BB Plastic Surgery! I wanted to explore liposuction to fix a problem area for me as I always gain my weight in the same place, creating a very unbalanced look. Everyone was SO kind, professional, and just lovely. The liposuction procedure was absolutely perfect in every way. I healed quickly and my trouble spots are no more. These are the BEST plastic surgeons in DC!” Jennifer P.

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Where to Get a Facial in DC

Choosing Our Skin Care Professionals for Your DC Facials

Taking care of your skin is an essential part of anyone’s daily routine. There are so many ways to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing at home, but nothing truly compares to getting a professional treatment done.

Professional facials go deeper into the skin than at-home cleansers to completely remove build-up deep in your pores that you otherwise can’t reach.

It is important to have a daily skincare routine, but it is also vital that you get treatments regularly from a skin care professional, like those at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, to ensure your skin is healthy and glowing.

Best Facials in DC

Regular peels and facials help to improve the overall health of your skin while simultaneously cleansing and exfoliating it. They are a great option for someone looking for a less intensive treatment, while still desiring clean, glowing skin. Chemical peels penetrate the skin deeper than a regular facial does, which allows for the restoration of facial elasticity and the reduction of fine lines on the face.

Skin care professionals at Bruno | Brown cater each DC facial and peel treatment to the patient’s skin to guarantee the best results.  If you are concerned with any of the following, a facial or peel might be best for you.

  • Skin elasticity
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Oily skin
  • Sunspots or age spots
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne-prone skin

HydraFacial DC

HydraFacials are a more in-depth facial treatment that can help your skin with a little extra TLC. The HydraFacial uses a Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract, and hydrate your skin. This treatment also utilizes various serums and HydroPeel Tips to get you the best results. During a consultation, our skincare specialists will go over a variety of topics to see if this treatment is right for you.

We’ll discuss treating the following:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Facial rejuvenation goals
  • Skin elasticity
  • Oily skin
  • Sunspots or age spots
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

Benefits of Skin Care Treatments and Facials in DC

There are a variety of benefits to getting a professional skin care treatment done. These include improving signs of sun damage and aging, restoring your skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, tightening skin fibers, evening skin tone, improving skin texture, cleansing skin, reducing pore size, and more! Consulting with one of the Bruno | Brown skin care professionals can help you see how you can see these results in your own skin.

Call our office at (301) 215-5955 to continue your skincare journey and schedule your DC facial with us!

Drop The Excess Skin With a Chevy Chase Tummy Tuck

Perhaps you’ve spent months diligently working out and eating healthy in order to lose the weight, but you still can’t get rid of your excess skin or belly fat. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much we diet and exercise, that extra pocket of stomach fat just won’t go away. If you feel like this, turning to plastic surgery might be a great option for you.

Tummy Tuck Chevy Chase before and after example

Understanding More About Your Chevy Chase Tummy Tuck

The tummy area is often an area that’s hard to lose weight in for many men and women. Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a great way to fix this issue, as it addresses these problem areas by removing unwanted fat and tissue around the waistline and stomach.

At Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, our approach to a tummy tuck allows you to come away with exceptional results. A tummy tuck at our office will help tighten your entire waistline, transform your body, and give you a more toned look.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss:

  • Your waistline contouring goals
  • Amount of excess skin/fat to remove
  • Incision type
  • Your lifestyle and activity levels

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck procedure is a very important part of the surgical process. Our doctors have decades of experience making each and every patient feel confident with the latest, most innovative practices and are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Who is Considered a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck in Chevy Chase?

Good candidates are typically:

  • Patients near their ideal weight or figure
  • Patients with realistic expectations for their results
  • Those who would like to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies
  • Patients that are in good general health
  • Patients with excess skin or fat in the stomach region
  • Patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight

Will You Experience Extreme Weight Loss With a Chevy Chase Tummy Tuck?

It’s important to note that a tummy tuck is NOT a substitute for weight loss or an appropriate exercise program. If your lifestyle and activity levels currently (or will) fluctuate due to external factors such as substantial weight loss or the possibility of becoming pregnant, we recommend that you wait for a tummy tuck procedure until these areas of your life are more stable.

What Are The Benefits Of A Chevy Chase Tummy Tuck?

Benefits can include:

  • Tightening the stomach muscles
  • Flattening the stomach area
  • Improving the appearance of abdominal muscles
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks, particularly after pregnancy
  • Reducing the size of the waistline and hipline
  • Enhancing the overall figure
  • Removing excess, loose, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy

When deciding on what type of tummy tuck to get (full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, or extended tummy tuck), we highly suggest scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bruno or Dr. Brown to discuss your treatment plan, the healing process, and more.

Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck

While it may be the case that you can benefit from having both procedures done, a tummy tuck is more frequently used to remove excess skin. Liposuction is more typically used to remove small areas of fat that cannot be shifted despite proper dieting and exercising, while a tummy tuck usually is for a larger area. During your consultation, your doctor will discuss your overall goals and can answer any questions or concerns you have about which procedure is right for you.

Do You Provide Other Procedures Besides the Tummy Tuck in Chevy Chase?

Our practice provides a variety of other procedures. These can be both surgical and nonsurgical procedures as both of our doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons. We have procedures such as:

  • Mommy Makeovers
  • Rhinoplasties
  • Face Lifts
  • Labiaplasties
  • Breast Augmentations
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • and other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries!

To learn more about getting a Tummy Tuck in the Washington, DC area, call (301) 215-5955.

What You Need to Know About DC Fat Grafting Breast Augmentations

Looking for more information on breast augmentations with fat grafting? You’ve come to the right place. Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery is home to top-rated board-certified plastic surgeons, ready to assist you with all your cosmetic needs.

Example of Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation DC

DC Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting: What exactly is it?

Breast augmentation with fat grafting is a procedure for those who want to increase the size and shape of their breasts without using saline or silicone implants. By getting a breast augmentation with fat grafting, one can feel more confident with their breast size and remove any unwanted fat from other areas of the body at the same time.

We recommend a consultation with Dr. Bruno or Dr. Brown to go over the various parts of breast augmentation surgery, such as the fat grafting procedure, removing fat, your breast goals, and more.

Understanding all the Benefits of a Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation in DC

Benefits of a breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure can include:

  • Increasing one’s breast symmetry
  • Eliminating the need to use an implant to improve one’s appearance
  • Minimal scarring, as incisions are very small
  • Targeting unwanted fatty deposits
  • Improving one’s breast projection
  • Increasing and reshaping one’s cleavage
  • Restoring breast volume and shape typically lost after aging, pregnancy, or weight loss

Additionally, the procedure is performed using liposuction, which can address a patient’s desire to remove excess fat from their body at the same time as they get a breast enhancement.

What Does a Good Candidate For a Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation in Washington DC look like?

You may be a good candidate for a breast augmentation with fat grafting if you fall under the following credentials:

  • May have a breast asymmetry
  • Are not currently pregnant or nursing
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Are interested in modest breast enhancement
  • Are in good overall health

You can follow up on these credentials or request more information by scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors.

Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation in DC: What Other Procedures Do You Offer?

Our practice offers surgical and non-surgical procedures. These can include procedures such as:

  • Brazilian Butt Lifts
  • Rhinoplasties
  • Face Lifts
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • and much more!

You may want to discuss combining other treatments with your fat grafting breast augmentation procedure while at your consultation!

Visit our practice, schedule a consultation, or contact us at (301) 215-5955 to learn more about your Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation, DC.