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3 Surprising Facts About Breast Reductions

Breast ReductionThe breast reduction procedure is extremely common among women who suffer from overdeveloped breasts that often cause back and neck pain. The procedure was performed 46,340 times in 2019 alone according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But, despite the popularity of this procedure, there are a few facts that you may not be aware of.

The 3 facts about breast reductions that may surprise you

  1. The procedure can offer you more mobility– Many women who have overdeveloped breasts have a hard time participating in certain physical activities such as running and consistent back and neck pain can make it difficult to be as active as they want. Many patients report an increase in mobility following their procedure.
  2. A breast reduction can be combined with other procedures– Some patients want to combine their breast reduction with a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and more. The procedure can certainly be combined with others and we recommend that patients undergo these procedures at once as it allows them to combine recovery times and achieve their desired look faster.
  3. Your insurance may cover the cost of your breast reduction– For some patients, their procedure is covered by insurance as it reduces the stress on your neck and back which can lead to bigger problems down the line. Contact your insurance to learn more.

How we determine if a breast reduction is the right procedure for you

During your consultation, we’ll talk about your goals, why you want the procedure, and your lifestyle to determine procedure options. We’ll also perform an examination to see what may work best for you. We’ll talk through your options and answer any questions you have about the procedure, recovery, and what your next steps are. Our highly trained doctors are dedicated to providing the best possible result for you through technically advanced procedures and are here to support you through your journey.

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