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4 Things to Know About Fat Grafting in DC

Fat grafting, or fat transfer, can remove unwanted fat and place it in areas of your body that could benefit from looking more voluminous, such as your breasts and buttocks. You can achieve more natural-looking enhancements using this procedure, rather than a filler or implant.

4 Fat Grafting in DC FactsFast Grafting Breast Augmentation Before & After

  1. If you’re working with a larger area, this can call for multiple injections. This can cause prolonged swelling, so take this into account when planning your downtime post-surgery.
  2. Fat is going to last longer than any dermal filler when it comes to volume restoration.
  3. In most cases, the fat will be overfilled at first as some of it will be reabsorbed into the body, this can also call for a second treatment to achieve the look the patient is going for.
  4. You don’t have to worry about allergic reactions, because the fat is already your own, your body assimilates to it.

How to Know Fat Grafting in the DC Area is Right For You

When it comes to fat grafting, your consultation will really help you decide if this is the right route for you to take. A common procedure is fat grafting to the breast, so deciding whether you prefer to do fat grafting in comparison to breast implants is important and our experienced doctors will be able to provide you with all of the information you could need to make the right choice.

How to Start the DC Area Fat Grafting Process

At Bruno|Brown you’ll first start with a consultation where either Dr. Bruno or Dr. Brown will discuss target areas for fat removal and injections, techniques, skin elasticity, lifestyle and activity levels, and any other compatible procedures you may be interested in having while you’re already under. Some compatible procedures may include breast implants or a facelift.

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