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An Introduction from Dr. C. Coleman Brown to our new Physician’s Blog

It has been some time since I routinely blogged for our patients and feel the need to introduce our blog and its background.  A number of years ago, I was the designated Plastic Surgery Expert Blogger for Revolution Health which was the brainchild of Steve Case after AOL. The idea was to put the control of health care information into the hands of the consumer while also informing them and making their health information more easily accessible to their healthcare providers. I blogged on a variety of topics such as surgical techniques, cosmetic surgery mishaps, and myths within our field. Everything from Heidi Montag’s desire for surgery to Donda West’s death to the rising presence of non-licensed practitioners performing cosmetic procedures was covered. After several years, unfortunately, Revolution went away, Everyday Health took over, and we never got the blog out of first gear. My goal is to reprise the blog within this space and to bring light to many topics from news stories to new products to information about specific procedures. We hope to cover all the bases, so to speak, but, should you or anyone have a question or topic that you would like to have addressed you can email us at Thank you for reading.

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