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Benefits of Mommy Makeovers in Washington, DC

A Mommy Makeover can help restore your pre-pregnancy body by providing you with an array of procedure options. While children are a blessing, it can seem like the effects of having them can last a lifetime. Mammy Makeover Before and After

Mommy Makeover in Washington, DC Procedure Options

  • Tummy tuck– This procedure is great for patients who have excess skin and fat in their midsection that they would like to remove. The tummy tuck procedure you receive can be catered to the extent of excess skin and fat there is. Whether you need a full tummy tuck, a mini, or something in between, we’ll find the right procedure for you.
  • Liposuction– Liposuction can be performed for those who may not need a full tummy tuck or have other areas where they would like to remove excess fat.
  • Breast augmentation– Many women opt for breast augmentation for their mommy makeover as pregnancy and breastfeeding can tend to deflate the volume of your breasts.
  • Breast lift- Another great procedure to improve the look of your breasts is a breast lift. If your breasts are feeling a bit saggy a lift and/or augmentation may be right for you.
  • Brazilian butt lift– The Brazilian butt lift allows you to take fat from one area of your body and put it into your butt to increase its size and give it a rounder, perkier look. Pregnancy can not only affect your breasts but can even leave your butt looking a bit deflated. Whether you’re trying to get back the bum you once had or give yourself the bum you’ve always wanted a Brazilian butt lift can help.

What Will Be Discussed in Your Mommy Makeover in Washington, DC Consultation

Once you’ve decided you want to go for the Mommy Makeover procedure and you decide which one of our incredible doctors you’re most comfortable with, you’ll come in for a consultation. During this consultation, you will discuss things like rejuvenation of the abdomen, liposuction, breast lift, breast enhancement, body contouring, and lifestyle and activity levels with your chosen doctor. All of this information will help him to customize your experience and make sure you’re walking out with the best results possible.

To schedule your consultation and learn more about your mommy makeover procedure in Washington, DC options call 301-215-5955.

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