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Blepharoplasty in Chevy Chase, MD

Today, we’re discussing the eyelid surgery procedure, also known as blepharoplasty.

Are you interested in eyelid surgery, otherwise known as blepharoplasty, in Chevy Chase, MD?

According to, there were over 15.6 million cosmetic surgical procedures in the US last year. We’ve been chronicling the top five plastic surgery procedures, which include nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, facelift, liposuction and breast augmentation.

Eyelid surgery was the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed in 2020, only behind nose reshaping.

What is blepharoplasty?

Do you constantly look tired, with puffy, drooping eyelids?

Eyelid surgery might be the answer for you.

Simply put, the blepharoplasty procedure is when excess tissue is removed from the eyelid area and surrounding areas for a more youthful appearance.

There are several different methods to achieve the ideal appearance; the exact methods used will be determined by our experienced physicians and may involve a number of techniques, including incisions to the upper and lower eyelid to remove excess tissue or skin.

What are the benefits of the blepharoplasty procedure in Chevy Chase?

There are several benefits to blepharoplasty, including:

  • An overall more youthful appearance
  • Decreasing puffiness under the eyes
  • Lifting the appearance of hollows and brightening the appearance of dark patches under the eyes
  • Smoothing the skin around the eyes
  • Reducing the signs of aging and sun damage overall

What makes Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery the choice for eyelid surgery in Chevy Chase?

The overall harmony of your facial features is critical. During your consultation, we will discuss which areas to target to achieve the best appearance for your eyes rather than focusing on one area in isolation.

Unlike many physicians who will siphon off work to lesser trained members of staff, your doctor will be with you through each step of the process, from initial consultation to recovery.

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