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Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Does Not Interfere with Mammograms

According to research released by the ASPS, breast augmentation with fat grafting does not interfere with breast cancer screening.

Breast augmentation with fat grafting, also known as “lipomodeling,” is becoming an increasingly popular procedure, but those who oppose it have often pointed to a number of unknowns about this new procedure. The most significant of these unknowns is the possibility that transferred fat could cause calcifications that may make it harder for radiologists to detect early stage breast cancer using a mammogram.

This new research shows that concerns about mammograms may not be justified. The study was carried out by researchers at the University of Lyon-Léon Bérard Cancer Center. First, researchers looked at mammograms performed on 31 women about 16 months after breast augmentation with fat grafting. In more than half the cases, the mammograms showed no abnormalities. Some had very small calcifications or cysts that were related to the fat transfer. Others had scarring associated with the fat transfer. But none of the abnormalities were considered likely to be flagged as suspicious on routine mammograms.

Second, researchers looked at mammograms of 20 women before and after their fat injection procedures. They found there were no significant differences between the two mammograms, such as changes in breast density, or anything that might appear suspicious.

Although this is a relatively small study, it provides important information that diminishes concerns about potential side effects of breast augmentation with fat transfer. The study authors still recommend that women undergo mammograms before and after breast augmentation with fat transfer to identify even the small abnormalities associated with the procedure.

This exciting research helps continue to confirm the safety of breast augmentation via fat transfer.

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