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Chevy Chase Breast Augmentation – Implant Sizing

It is important to thoroughly communicate to your Plastic Surgeon the size implant you want, but how do you decide what’s going to be the best implant size for your body? One good way of finding an approximate estimation is to find an image of someone who has a similar body type to you and whose breast size is what you desire yours to be. You can print this picture off and bring it in to show your Plastic Surgeon. If your Plastic Surgeon is experienced in Breast Augmentations they will be able to estimate the breast size that translates to. It is important to not to get stuck on a breast cup size, as cup size invariably varies from woman to woman, body type to body type. Try to instead focus on what is going to give you the best results for you.

In your consultation you may even be able to try out different implant sizes to see what they feel like in your hand or in your bra. Perhaps the most important step in choosing your implant size, however, is choosing the best, most qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon for you. Find one who you feel comfortable with who truly understands you and your goals and is confident in their ability to achieve the results you want.

Take a look at our Breast Augmentation Gallery to get some ideas of the results our patients have received. If you find a Before that resembles you and you like or even don’t like the results they were given, bring that in to your consultation so you can show exactly what you like or don’t like. Keep in mind, however, that every patient is different, with different bodies and different goals.

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