Choosing the Right Option for You: Breast Augmentation in Annandale, VA

Breast Augmentation in Annandale, VAAre Your Thinking About Getting Breast Augmentation in Annandale, VA? The Experts at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery Will Help You Explore the Options for Breast Implants That Will Help You Achieve Your Preferred Look.

Enhancing your breasts through breast augmentation in Annandale, VA can help you feel more comfortable with your appearance, more comfortable in your skin and increase self-confidence.  Many women choose breast enlargement after losing breast volume from pregnancy, aging, or significant weight loss, or simply to increase their breast size.

One Patient’s Real Life Breast Implant Experience

We interviewed a Bruno | Brown patient who recently underwent a breast augmentation procedure and she shares her experience:

Why Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery?
I chose them because my OBGYN recommended them. Then, after I did extensive research, (and I’m one that only goes to the best doctors), I saw that the doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery had been well vetted and featured as one of the Top Doctors in DC in Washingtonian Magazine. Just reading up on Dr. Brown and his background I felt really good about him on paper. Then the test was going to be his bedside manner, and I absolutely adored him. He was great to talk to, he was very calm, informative, and I felt very comfortable.

Were you nervous?
I was very nervous. I didn’t get nervous until the day of surgery. And I almost left! I was so nervous. I thought to myself, ‘This is ridiculous, I can’t believe I am going to go under for cosmetic surgery.’ But I knew that I really wanted it. I had thought about it for 3 years, at least.

As soon as Dr. Brown walked into the room, he saw my face, and he said ‘Hey, how are you doing this morning?’ and his voice just calmed me. And I said ‘Dr. Brown, I am so nervous’ and he said there was nothing to be nervous about. I said, ‘You’re right, because I trust you’.

I remembered when the anesthesiologist gave me the medicine to go out, I remember him holding my hand as I was counting backward. And rubbing my hand and he was saying ‘you’ll be fine’ and that’s all I remember and then I woke up and everything was fine.

What were your main goals in getting breast augmentation?
Going into the process my main goal was to find an office that was professional, hands-on and made me feel comfortable, because this is something really huge. It’s a big investment, both financially and of time. I wanted to make sure the office that I chose was the best at what they do, giving me the right information, and all the information, good and bad. So, it was very helpful that some of the staff members had previous procedures done because I could talk to them about it.

I was very satisfied, still to this day with the results. The recovery time was a little long, but they told me I’d be fine by a certain number of weeks and I said I didn’t know, I was in a lot of pain. But sure enough at that time, right on the dot, I felt better. He knows what he’s doing.

Everything was done top level, even down to the payments. To the people I have told about my procedure I’ve said if you ever need anything done, you need to go to Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery.

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Options for Breast Augmentation in Annandale Include:

  • Silicone implants: A silicone shell is filled to the desired volume and offers a more natural look
  • Saline implants: A silicone shell is filled to your desired volume, increasing size and shape of cleavage
  • Ideal implants: This provides a natural feel and youthful look by using a series of implant shells nested together and two separate chambers that hold saline
  • Fat grafting: This procedure uses liposuction to transfer fat from other parts of the body to the breasts

To assure the best results from your procedure, you’ll want a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons explains why it is so important to choose an expert plastic surgeon for your procedure. The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery are specialists at helping DC area patients achieve their desired appearance. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine which type of implant is right for you, keeping in mind your goals and lifestyle.

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