DC Brazilian Butt Lift: What to Expect From Your Surgery

In today’s world, every celebrity or influencer has a perfectly shaped butt. Often dieting and exercise are the go-to remedy for getting the perfect butt, but what if we told you, you didn’t need to do all that work? You can achieve that perfect butt through surgery instead. The DC Brazilian butt lift is the ideal way to achieve that perfect shape and size without doing all the extra work!

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift, sometimes called a BBL, is “an augmentation of the buttock region using your fat tissue.” This surgery is used to grow and reshape your butt to what you’ve always wanted it to look like. The goal is to use fat tissue from somewhere else on your body (commonly the stomach or arms) and move that fat tissue into your buttocks region.

Specifically, a BBL will…A before and after of a Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Firm up and tighten your butt
  • Lift your cheeks to a rounder, more perky look

What to expect from your DC Brazilian butt lift surgery:

A Brazilian Butt lift surgery will take between 2 and 3 hours, and you can go home right after the surgery. In terms of recovery, you should take between 5 and 7 days to recover fully.

Making sure that the fat is relocated into the correct places and is proportional to your body is essential.

If you are wondering what a BBL surgery would look like and looking for more specifics, check out this video of our doctors at Bruno | Brown Surgery performing a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Note that this video is a video of surgery being performed, so the content can be graphic. 

In this video, Dr. Brown addresses two major questions patients often have about BBL surgery:

  1. How much fat can you inject?
    The amount of fat we can inject depends on what the patient can provide. Too much fat creates a disproportionate look and impacts your overall health. The point is to take just enough to regain shape and youthfulness without affecting your health.
  2. What does the post-surgery recovery look like?
    Dr. Brown describes the post-surgery feeling as “being punched multiple times.” You may be sore and bruised, but it should be gone in 5 to 7 days.

Should you have a consultation before your DC Brazilian butt lift?

YES, YES, YES! We HIGHLY recommend that you have a consultation before your surgery.

What will this consultation look like?

In this consultation, you will discuss:

  1. What is your perfect size and shape
  2. Where is your target area for your fat removal
  3. What fat transferring is, and what the process looks like
  4. What skin elasticity means, and what that means for your surgery
  5. What do your activity levels and current lifestyle look like before and after your surgery

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