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DC Mommy Makeover: Have you read our patient’s real-life story?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect your body, leaving the abdominal muscles lax, breasts sagging, and your overall body shape less than desired.

The mommy makeover procedure can restore your body by lifting the breasts, reshaping the waistline, and contouring the body by combining a number of procedures customized for each patient to help them meet their needs and goals.

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A Real Life Mommy Makeover Experience – Washington DC

We recently interviewed a mommy makeover patient (who just happens to be one of our staff!) on her experience, the most common questions and misconceptions, and what the biggest surprises were.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover can mean different things to different mommies. It typically means getting your body back to be where it was before you had children. It could be breast augmentation, a breast lift; in my procedure it was a breast reduction. And then typically it is a tummy tuck of sorts. Also, there are wide variations in the type of tummy tuck you might need. It could just be a little nip of excess skin, or a full-blown tightening of the stomach muscles while also addressing the skin and fat. Some can also add in some liposuction for contour in some areas that [weight] is hard to lose.

It seems like a big surgery because it’s doing a lot, but honestly, combining a breast surgery with a tummy tuck doesn’t add any recovery time. Might as well do them at the same time! There are also cost savings in doing multiple procedures together.

What were you most nervous about for your Mommy Makeover procedure?

I was most nervous about the pain. I had an appendectomy years ago and it was excruciatingly painful, so I was assuming this would be worse than that. But the truth is that cosmetic surgery is all external, there is no cutting through a muscle, no working on the insides. It’s totally external, just skin and fat. And so the recovery and the pain level are not nearly as bad as we would think it would be.

Are you in the Washington DC area and interested in the mommy makeover procedure?

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