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Facial Implants – Cheek Implants Chevy Chase

On fashion runways around the world, on the big screens across America, in magazines and in your homes on television, on billboards and in the supermarket, everywhere we look we are being inundated with images of high cut cheekbones in women and strong jawed men. Having these features creates a stronger more outstanding facial symmetry and structure and can enhance your other features as well. It’s no wonder facial implants are gaining more and more popularity in the Plastic Surgery community.

If you feel your cheeks are too sunken in or you jaw is too weak and seems to be being swallowed up by your neck, you are not alone. Unfortunately there aren’t any exercises one can do to achieve cheek or jaw definition, but Chevy Chase Facial Implants can give you that definition that you crave. Ideal Facial Implant candidates are in good mental and physical health. You should have realist expectations and not be doing it to please anyone but yourself. Understand that Facial Implants will not turn you into Audrey Hepburn or Brad Pitt, but it can improve upon and enhance the beauty you already have.

Facial Implants can also often be performed at the same time as facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or even liposuction. Consult with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown to learn more about Facial Implants.

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