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Finding a Top-Rated Plastic Surgeon in the World of Social Media

Top Rated Plastic SurgeonSocial media has changed the way we live our lives. While much of its original purpose was to connect people, it has evolved into something much more. People turn to their social media accounts for all types of reasons, but now more than ever, people use it as a resource to find a top-rated plastic surgeon.

The “Dolls” of social media

A new trend has started on Instagram where cosmetic surgery patients create private accounts to review plastic surgeons, their nurses, hospitals, and recovery houses. Often times they refer to themselves as “dolls”, naming themselves after their doctor, such as “Doctorsnamedoll”.

These “dolls” host private accounts, usually on Instagram, and post before, during, and after photos of their surgery. Users can find women, or men, with the same body build and similar features as them as a way to get a glimpse of what their potential surgery would be like.

While this can be a great resource of information for those looking into plastic surgery, users must also be aware that not everything you see is accurate.

When looking for a top-rated plastic surgeon on a platform like Instagram, buyer beware

Many of these accounts can be reliable as far as reviews of a surgeon go, but as with any social media platform, you may only be seeing part of the truth. Some of these “dolls” are paid for reviews. Whether it be in free surgery or money, it skews the reviews you see online, not to mention the capabilities of photoshop.

The positives of social media

While much of the information seen online isn’t 100% accurate or backed up by science, many users and “dolls” have formed strong supportive communities. These users and “dolls” have called out bad surgeons for malpractice and made their stories heard. Others have reached out to support those currently recovering from surgery who may be struggling with some of the speed bumps of recovery and bonded over their own struggle.

It has opened up a door to show the sides of plastic surgery that not everyone thinks about when considering a plastic surgeon. The community aspect is a major benefit of these “doll” accounts and many of them prove to be supportive of one another.

Top-rated plastic surgeons you can trust

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery has been helping patients find the best plastic surgery approach for them for years. We advise patients on what is appropriate for their individual situation and discuss any questions they have so that they have a good understanding of what to expect before the procedure. We strive to provide the best results possible so that our patients leave satisfied and feel more confident about themselves.

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