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Finding The Right Plastic Surgeons For Your DC Brazilian Butt Lift 

The importance of Board-Certified and insured plastic surgeons for your Brazilian butt lift DC 

Brazilian butt lift dcPlastic surgeons have seen a recent but steady rise in the popularity of Brazilian butt lift procedures, about 18 and 26 percent over the last two years respectively, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, there has also been a rise in the number of unlicensed and uninsured individuals impersonating plastic surgeons to perform Brazilian butt lift procedures, without the knowledge or equipment to do so properly.

There have been several cases reported recently of individuals impersonating plastic surgeons, claiming to be licensed and insured, so that they can perform Brazilian butt lifts on patients. Usually, they attract appeal solely because they advertise well below market prices. These unlicensed individuals impersonating plastic surgeons to perform Brazilian butt lifts, often have no medical knowledge and operate in very unsafe and unsterile conditions, usually without medical supplies.

The most recent case being Allison Spence, who claimed to be a plastic surgeon, the botched Brazilian butt lift she performed involved injecting industrial grade silicone- purchased from a hardware store- into the buttocks of her patient in an unsterile apartment, which she claimed was a clinic. The procedure resulted in the patient having an embolism because of a misplaced injection, which eventually caused her death. As a result of this botched Brazilian butt lift procedure, Allison Spence will be serving prison time under manslaughter charges.

Another example of one such individual performing an unlicensed Brazilian butt lift procedure resulted in the death of Kelly Mayhew from Queens, NYC in 2015, who received a buttocks injection in the practitioner’s basement. The individual who impersonated the practitioner to give the injections has still not been found. This growing cash business is resulting in senseless deaths, and it has to be stopped. It is important not only for victims to come forward, despite any regret or embarrassment they may feel, to receive the proper medical attention, but it is also important for individuals seeking buttocks augmentation to seek out licensed and insured medical professionals.

The appeal of extremely low prices for Brazilian butt lifts is tempting; however, the risks of having an unlicensed plastic surgeon are severe, many cases resulting in death from botched Brazilian butt lifts. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The quality of a Brazilian butt lift procedure will alter your body forever, it is definitely something worth investing it.

Not only is it important to look for a licensed and insured medical practitioner, but it is also important to look for the most experienced and skilled surgeons in the field, as their experience has a direct correlation to the quality of the results of your procedure. With experienced and expert surgeons, like those at Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery, you can be sure you are receiving the top care available.

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