Getting a Mommy Makeover in Washington DC

Are you thinking about a mommy makeover in Washington DC,  but aren’t sure if you are a good candidate for this procedure? Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery can provide information about the consultation, benefits, and recovery period of having this plastic surgery procedure done.

Getting a Mommy Makeover in DC

Scheduling your initial consultation with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery is the first step to beginning your transformation process. When you decide to get a mommy makeover surgery, you will need to discuss the procedure logistics, the best course of action, and your specialized treatment plan with your doctor before proceeding with surgery. It is incredibly important to complete these steps to ensure that your mommy makeover procedure is right for you.

Benefits of Getting a Mommy Makeover in DC

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Bruno | Brown have numerous decades of experience performing safe and effective procedures. Of course, there are risks associated with surgery, but they are greatly minimized when you choose a qualified, expert plastic surgeon whose number one priority is your safety and satisfaction.

The benefits of a mommy makeover can include:

  1. Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  2. Removing excess, loose, or hanging skin (which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy)
  3. Increasing confidence and self-image
  4. Lifting and enhancing the breasts
  5. Contouring areas of the body

The beauty of a mommy makeover is the possible combinations of procedures that you may receive. Typically procedures included in a mommy makeover are:Smartlipo DC

  • Tummy Tuck Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Labiaplasty
  • Waist Contouring
  • and even more

What is the Recovery Period for a Mommy Makeover Like?

We know that being a mom is a full-time job and you want to be with your children as much as possible. That is why we try to get you on your feet quickly and not let you miss out on a single thing! The mommy makeover surgery has a relatively short recovery time of about 2-3 weeks, but every patient will heal differently based on their procedures and specifications. You can talk to your doctor about this in your consultation for more information about your specific healing period.

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