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Is Breast Reduction Surgery in Washington, DC right for you?

Breast Reduction in DCIf you have oversized breasts that limit your physical activity, cause you physical pain, or mental stress, a breast reduction may be a good option for you. In the breast reduction procedure, excess skin and fat are removed to reduce and reshape the breasts. There are a wide variety of benefits that patients can experience following the procedure and in some cases, the procedure is covered by insurance.

Candidates for Washington, DC breast reduction surgery

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, it’s important to determine if you’re a good candidate. During your consultation our doctors will discuss your goals, lifestyle, and if the procedure can help you achieve your goals.

Good candidates for breast reduction surgery typically:

  • Suffer from overdeveloped breasts
  • Suffer from neck and/or back pain due to the size of their breasts
  • Have limited physical mobility due to their breast size
  • Experience painful marks on their shoulders due to bra straps
  • Suffer from bad posture due to their breasts
  • Find it difficult to find clothing that properly fits

Following the procedure, many patients experience a significant improvement in neck and back pain, have increased physical mobility, and experience a boost in self-confidence.

How to choose a surgeon for your breast reduction surgery in Washington, DC

Just as you would with any surgery, you want to find a surgeon who is knowledgeable, known for producing excellent results, and values your health and wellness. The doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery are committed to providing technologically advanced procedures that produce the best possible result while always valuing patient safety above all else.

We will walk you through what to expect before, during, and after the procedure so you feel completely comfortable and support you throughout your recovery.

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