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PRP Injections for Hair Loss: DC

Have you heard about Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections for hair loss? Here’s what you need to know.

By now, we’re willing to bet that you’ve at least heard of the Vampire Facial (aka Micro-needling with PRP), or PRP injections around the eyes and mouth, both of which are skin treatments that use the PRP from your own blood to help correct some signs of aging and give you a glowing complexion. This is possible because PRP contains white blood cells and platelets, which have high hair regrowth factors.

What you may not know is that there’s a similar treatment for hair loss that utilizes PRP injections. If you have thinning hair, the high growth factors found within PRP can help stimulate hair follicle activity and promote new hair growth.

PRP for Hair Loss before and after

Why PRP Injections for hair loss?

According to a recent article in Allure, PRP for hair loss is a great treatment option because there have been numerous scientific articles published that credit its success in increasing hair count, hair thickness and lengthening the growth phase of the hair cycle.

The PRP treatment process:

We will draw a small amount of blood and, using a centrifuge, separate out the PRP from the red blood cells. We will then make multiple injections, too small to be visible, covering the affected area to allow the PRP to absorb into and treat the area. As we’re using your own blood, PRP for hair loss is an extremely safe procedure.

PRP treatment results:

We recommend 5 to 6 PRP treatments to achieve the best results in addressing your hair loss. This treatment works well as a prevention measure for continued hair loss and works better on those whose hair loss is recent as it can be more challenging to stimulate hair follicles that have been dormant for a long time.

If you’re interested in learning more about PRP injections for hair loss in DC, start the conversation and contact us today.

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