December 18, 2017

If diet and exercise alone have proved futile and ineffective, it may be time to consider DC Smartlipo, the laser liposuction procedure, as an extra step to achieving the goals you’ve been working toward.

Smartlipo DCWhat is Smartlipo?

It is the process of removing excess, unwanted pockets of fat on the body through careful, targeted suction. Smartlipo DC differs from the process of regular liposuction performed by DC plastic surgeons, Drs. Bruno and Brown, because a laser is used to assist in the process.

How is Smartlipo Different from Regular Liposuction?

Recovery time with Smartlipo DC is significantly less than with traditional liposuction. The Smartlipo procedure performed by top plastic surgeons, Drs. Bruno and Brown, also frequently results in less swelling or bruising around the treated area. Smartlipo is considered less invasive than traditional liposuction- especially because it leaves smaller incisions.

Like traditional liposuction, Smartlipo uses a small tube inserted just below the skin. However, with Smartlipo, there is also a small laser fiber inside the tube, which targets fat cells directly and allows the surrounding tissue to tighten more quickly. Smartlipo literally melts away fat, and it eliminates sagginess much faster than traditional liposuction, though the two procedures can be used in conjunction if necessary.

What to Expect from your DC Smartlipo?

The overall procedure typically only lasts 1-3 hours depending on the size of the area treated, and because it is a minimally invasive procedure it can be performed by Drs. Bruno and Brown under local anesthesia. While many patients are able to return to normal activity within a few days, you may need to wear a compression garment to support the treated area. Learn more about what you can expect from a body contouring DC Smartlipo procedure, performed by Drs. Bruno and Brown,here.

If diet and exercise fail to yield the results you’ve been working toward, consider treating yourself to a Smartlipo DC  procedure to help achieve your body contouring goals.