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Whether you’re looking to get a breast lift, breast fat transfer, breast reconstruction, breast implants, breast reduction, or other type of breast revision in Washington, DC, Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery is the place to go. Our breast surgeons have the experience, skills, and innovative techniques needed to help you achieve your ideal outcome.

Breast Lift, DC Plastic SurgeonsWhen it comes to breast procedures, all of the options may seem overwhelming. This blog will briefly explain each type of breast procedure to help guide you on your breast transformation journey. These are the procedures that will be covered:

It’s important to inform yourself by conducting your own research, but a consultation is even more important. Talking to the doctor about your current situation, desired outcome, and lifestyle will help you decide the best procedure for your specific goals.

DC Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation provides women with an enhanced figure by resizing and reshaping the breast to achieve a fuller look. Every patient is different, so we take a holistic approach to achieving your desired look. During your consultation, we will work closely with you to determine whether a breast implant or fat grafting can best help you achieve the ideal shape and size of your breast.

Breast Implants in DC

Breast implants are the most popular way to achieve a fuller, larger look. Despite its popularity, this procedure can be intimidating due to the decisions that come with it. Implant size, profiles, and material are important factors that will affect the way your breasts look and feel, but may seem like foreign concepts.

Breast Implants DC

  • Implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeter measurements – each patient’s body is different and may require a different sized implant to achieve a “one cup size up”
  • Implant profiles are low, moderate, or high – these will determine the shape and projection of your breasts depending on your body type
  • Saline or silicone implants – while both options are good, saline implants have a consistency similar to water while saline implants are more gel-like

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Washington, DC

Fat transfer breast augmentations are the best of both worlds. This procedure allows you to remove unwanted fat from one area and place it in your breasts for a natural boost of volume.

Each patient has a different idea of what they want their desired outcome to look like, and some don’t want the look of an implant or don’t need a large enough increase in volume. That being said, this procedure is difficult to ensure a specific outcome. Your fat transfer breast augmentation DC results depend on how your body processes the new fat and how much it doesn’t use.

Breast Lift in DC

During a breast lift in Washington, DC, incisions are made to sagging or droopy breasts in order to lift the breast and improve the contour. After the incisions are made, the underlying breast tissue is lifted and reshaped, the nipple and areola are repositioned, and any excess breast skin is removed.

There are four different types of breast lift incision. The doctors will work with you to evaluate which type of breast lift incision will best suit your needs.

  • Anchor: 3 basic incisions, one around the areola, one vertical to the breast crease, and one horizontal along the breast crease
  • Lollipop: 2 basic incisions, one around the areola and one vertical to the breast crease
  • Periareolar: 1 incision around the areola
  • Crescent: 1 along the top half of the areola

Breast Reduction Surgery DC

During a breast reduction in DC, excess skin, fat, and tissue are removed in order to achieve a reduced size and desired shape. Oftentimes the weight of the larger breasts causes them to sag, so the breast is also lifted during this procedure.

The amount removed will depend on the patient’s anatomy and goals. Breast reductions can be done to improve your aesthetic look, relieve physical discomfort, or both.

Breast Reconstruction in Washington, DC

Breast reconstruction procedures aim to help women reclaim and maintain their femininity by restoring or replacing the breasts. After enduring breast cancer and losing of one or both breasts, survivors deserve to resume a normal, pre-diagnosis life.

Reconstruction cases are different because it may be a different canvas the doctor is working with, you may have different expectations for your desired outcome, and there may be other factors involved that make it more unique than other cases. A consultation is especially important in these situations to determine the exact parameters of the case and ensure you are happy with the end result.

Breast Implant Revision Washington, DC

Whether you are looking to downsize your breast implants in Washington, DC, or are needing an implant repair, we can help. Implants are not made to last forever and our taste tends to change as time continues on. Revising your breast augmentation will help you feel more like yourself and ensure your body stays healthy.

You will need to consult with the doctor to provide the information of your previous procedure and determine what you want your end result to look like.

If you’re interested in any of these DC breast enhancement procedures, schedule your consultation today!

How a Breast Reduction Can Benefit You

DC Breast ReductionDo you suffer from oversize breasts that cause neck and back pain? Do you wish you had smaller breasts so that you could feel more confident and have more freedom with physical activity? Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit your body due to your large breasts? If you answered yes to any of the questions a breast reduction may be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Benefits of a DC breast reduction

A breast reduction can:

  • Decrease the size of your breasts
  • Reduce pain caused by oversize breasts
  • Allow you to more easily search for clothing that fits
  • Boost your confidence
  • Allow you to be more physically active
  • Be combined with another procedure such as a tummy tuck to achieve your goals
  • Be covered by insurance- In some cases, your insurance may cover the cost of your breast reduction. Inquire with your insurance provider to learn more.

The breast reduction procedure 

At Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery we understand that undergoing a breast reduction can be a big decision that you’ve likely thought about for years. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your goals for your appearance and what you’re looking to achieve to help you decide if the procedure is right for you. We’ll go through any questions you have about the procedure and recovery so you feel fully informed before deciding on the procedure.

In the procedure, excess fat and skin are removed to achieve your desired breast size and shape. We also perform a breast lift during the procedure to help give your breasts a bit of a boost and help you get the breast placement you want. We’ll support you throughout the entire procedure and recovery, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced DC plastic surgeons for your breast reduction in DC call 301-215-5955 or click here.