Uncomfortable with the Size of Your Breasts? Consider Breast Reduction Surgery in Washington, DC

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breast reduction

Some women have disproportionally large breasts that can cause physical discomfort during everyday activities. If you suffer from back, neck, or other pain from large breasts, you may want to consider a DC breast reduction surgery. Celebrities Who Have Had Breast Reduction Surgery Actress Ariel Winter, from the popular TV show Modern Family, along with… Read more »

In Hollywood, Breast Augmentation is King, but Ariel Winter Breaks the Mold by Discussing her Breast Reduction Surgery.

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Hollywood gets a lot of notice for making breasts bigger through breast augmentation, but Ariel Winter is breaking the mold by discussing her breast reduction.   Last year, the celebrity was seen sporting a strapless dress that exposed her scars from the recent breast reduction surgery. She now poses in an un-retouched shoot for Self magazine… Read more »