What are My Breast Augmentation Incision Options?

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you may already know that you can choose from several kinds of breast implants. But did you know that you also have a choice in the type of incision your plastic surgeon uses to place your desired implant? The Washington, DC breast augmentation specialists at Chevy Chase Plastic Surgery have performed many breast augmentation procedures, and we will help you choose the incision option that best suits your unique needs.

Incisions for breast augmentation are usually located in one of three places:

  • Periareolar incisions: Beneath the areola, which is the dark area surrounding the nipple
  • Inframammary incisions: Beneath the breast, at the fold where it meets the body
  • Transaxillary incisions: To the side of the breast, inside the armpit

Each type of breast augmentation incision is different, and a choice of one over the other depends on many factors, including:

  • Your chosen type of breast implant
  • Your desired amount of breast enlargement
  • Your individual anatomy
  • Your preferences
  • Our surgeon’s recommendations

If you’re ready to learn how breast augmentation can improve your appearance, self-confidence, and quality of life, please contact Chevy Chase Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation. We serve patients in the Washington DC area.

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