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What is a Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation, DC

Breast augmentation with fat grafting is for individuals who may want to increase the size and/or shape of their breast, without using an implant.

Before and after breast augmentation using fat grafting

Considering A DC Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Not every person will want to use implants to resize or reshape their breasts. In this procedure, one may achieve similar results using the careful injection of fat. Each person will be different, that’s why at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery we prefer to take a holistic approach. That in order to achieve the best results, our doctors will work with you to find the best way to use fat transfer to meet your goals.

During Your DC Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

During the consultation for your breast augmentation procedure, we will discuss several topics related to your potential surgery. We may discuss fat grafting versus implants, liposuction procedures, breast size, breast shape, breast projection, and or your lifestyle and activity levels.

We know that finding the right plastic surgeon for you and your breast augmentation with fat grafting surgery in DC is vital. Our doctors have decades of experience in making our patients feel comfortable and confident with the latest and most innovative practices.

Some of the Top Plastic Surgeons, Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation, DC

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery has two physicians that have been awarded a series of accomplishments, both by local magazines and their peers.

Dr. Brown was granted a fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital where he trained an additional year focusing entirely on cosmetic surgery. Dr. Brown has been featured in several publications, nationally and locally. These include The New York Times, Capitol File, the Washingtonian, and much more. In the Washingtonian, Dr. Brown was featured in articles as well as voted one of Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Doctors.

Dr. Brown, a Louisiana Native, received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia. After attending UVA, he went back to Louisana where he completed his medical degree at Tulane University.

Dr. Brown completed five years of general surgery training at Texas Tech University, culminating Chief Resident. Dr. Brown then went to train under the plastic and reconstructive surgery program at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. In his time as a surgeon, Dr. Bruno has been recognized by the Consumers Research Council of America as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Bruno has also been peer-voted as one of the Top Doctors by Washingtonian Magazine for breast reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Bruno received his undergraduate degree from Wilkes College, where he graduated cum lade before attending Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, also graduating summa cum laude.

Dr. Bruno then went on to receive his medical degree from the University of Pennslyvania, where he was awarded his certificate of training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the same institution. After this, Dr. Bruno received two years of plastic surgery fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

What are some DC Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation FAQs

There are various questions you may ask yourself and our doctors regarding fat grafting breast augmentations. This surgical procedure involves various steps before, during, and after the surgery.

If you are wondering what the difference is between a traditional breast augmentation procedure, and a fat grafting breast augmentation surgery, there are several things to note. While a traditional breast augmentation procedure will resize and reshape with a silicone or saline implant, the fat grafting breast augmentation will achieve similar results with a careful injection of fat.

During your consultation, your physician will work with you to determine how to achieve your desired look and the amount of fat necessary to meet your needs.

If you are wondering what will happen during the procedure, you may expect:

  • During breast augmentation with the fat grafting procedure, repurposed fat is used to reshape and contour the breasts.
  • Small, needle-sized incisions are made in discreet locations of the breasts in order to achieve the desired shape, size, and lift.
  • For candidates using fat grafting, there is a dual benefit by targeting unwanted fatty deposits and using them for breast enhancement.

Combining Fat Transfer Breast Augmentations With Other Procedures in DC

You can also combine procedures, as this surgery already uses liposuction to transfer fat from unwanted sections to your breasts. Many women choose to combine this with another procedure like a tummy tuck. This is so the recovery for both of your procedures can happen at the same time.

Typical Recovery For Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation, DC

Patients are usually allowed to fully exercise within a day or two. Scarring is minimal during this procedure, as incisions are very small. However, the healing processes may differ between individuals.

What are the benefits to a Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting in DC

There are several benefits one may find to having a breast augmentation with fat grafting. For example, one may find that fat grafting breast augmentations can:

  • Increase one’s breast symmetry
  • Improves one’s breast projection
  • Increase and reshapes one’s cleavage
  • Targets one’s unwanted fatty deposits
  • Restores one’s breast volume and shape: typically lost after aging, pregnancy, or weight loss
  • There is no need to use an implant to improve the appearance
  • There is minimal scarring, as the incisions are very small
  • The procedure can be performed using liposuction, addressing two concerns at one time

You may be a candidate for this procedure if you:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Are interested in modest breast enhancement
  • May have a breast asymmetry
  • Are not currently pregnant and or nursing
  • Are in good overall health

Where to go for DC Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery has three various office locations. The practice is located in the office at Barlow Building in Chevy Chase, Maryland, along with offices in Tysons Corner, Virginia, and Glen Burnie, Maryland.

At our Chevy Chase office, we have a state-of-the-art operating room that allows us to provide private cosmetic surgery, all within an office setting, and board-certified anesthesiologists. In addition to our offices, our doctors have hospital privileges.

This can include hospitals such as Sibley Memorial Hospital, Suburban Hospital, INOVA Fairfax, Loudoun, and Fair Oaks Hospitals, and Baltimore Washington Medical Center. This allows for procedures to be performed at a range of well-respected accredited medical facilities.

You can reach the practice at (301) 215-5955 in Chevy Chase, MD, (703) 454-5544 in Tysons Corner, VA, and or (410) 762-4200 in Glen Burnie, MD to schedule your breast augmentation with fat grafting in DC today.

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