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Where To Find A Mommy Makeover, DC

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery offers mommy makeover procedures to rejuvenate one’s body and aims to help restore one’s pre-pregnancy body.

This is a cosmetic surgery that requires a consultation and is highly sought after. Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown work with their patients to develop a personal plan that will outline a combo of procedures, meeting patients’ specific needs.

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown, Top Plastic Surgeons in DC Area

Getting A Consultation For A Mommy Makeover DC 

During your consultation, the doctors may discuss the following:

  • The rejuvenation of the abdomen
  • Liposuction
  • Breast lifts
  • Breast enhancement
  • Body contouring techniques
  • Lifestyle
  • Activity levels

We know that finding the right plastic surgeon for your plastic and cosmetic procedures is critical. Our doctors have decades of experience aiming to make each and every patient feel confident with the latest and most innovative practices.

Am I A Candidate For A DC Mommy Makeover?

If you have decided to get a mommy makeover, we want to make sure you are an eligible candidate. A candidate for a mommy makeover may include an individual who is not breastfeeding, a patient who is at least four to six months post-childbirth, and a patient who is close to their ideal body weight.

The expert plastic surgeons at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery have years of experience performing safe and effective procedures. Risks associated with surgery are greatly minimized when you choose a qualified plastic surgeon whose number one priority is your safety and satisfaction.

Mommy Makeover DC Procedure

Multiple types of procedures can be involved when it comes to a mommy makeover. This will differ depending on each patient, as each person will have different goals for their body.

With mommy makeovers, patients may want to lift their breasts, shrink their waistline, and much more.

Children are a blessing, but they may also “bless” your body with saggy breasts, lax abdominal muscles, and an overall body shape that feels less than desirable.

Benefits may include:

  • Removing excess, loose, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy
  • Lifting and enhancing breasts
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks, particularly after pregnancy
  • Increasing confidence and self-image

Personal Experiences, Mommy Makeover DC

One of our lovely patients explain how their procedure went and their thoughts on getting a mommy makeover.

Question: Do you have to lose all of the baby weight before having the mommy makeover surgery?

Answer: “No, it’s better if your weight is stable rather than trying to lose. Ideally, if you’re trying to lose weight and you plateau and settle in at a weight, [it is] better to just stay there instead of trying to lose that extra weight because chances are its skin and fat that you aren’t going to diet or exercise away anyway.”

Q: What is a mommy makeover?

A: “A mommy makeover can mean different things to different mommies. It typically means getting your body back to be where it was before you had children. It could be breast augmentation, a breast lift; in my procedure, it was a breast reduction. And then typically it is a tummy tuck of sorts.

Also, there are wide variations in the type of tummy tuck you might need. It could just be a little nip of excess skin, or a full-blown tightening of the stomach muscles while also addressing the skin and fat. Some can also add in some liposuction for contour in some areas that [weight] is hard to lose.”

Q: How have the scars faded? Are there any procedures that might speed up the process?

A: “Breast scars healed faster than the tummy scar, so the breast scars are fairly well faded. The tummy scar takes a good year before it’s faded.

We have medical-grade scar cream to help those along. If they should become a problem we have some other things with our esthetician who can address scarring issues, but most of the time they fade beautifully.”

If you are looking to get a consultation for a DC mommy makeover, call (301) 215-5955.

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