Where To Get A Tummy Tuck DC

Are you looking for top plastic surgeons in the DC, MD, and VA areas to perform a tummy tuck? Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery is here to help with decades of expertise and experience as board-certified plastic surgeons.

DC Tummy Tuck

Benefit Of A Tummy Tuck DC

The tummy or stomach area is often a problem area for many men and women. Our patients have worked hard to lose weight and find the extra skin they have left to be stubborn to get rid of. At Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, we aim to achieve exceptional results for tightening the entire waistline, transforming one’s body, and giving patients a more toned look with a surgical tummy tuck procedure.

What do tummy tucks do? Some benefits of a tummy tuck can include things such as:

  • Flattening the stomach area
  • Improving one’s appearance of the abdominal muscles
  • Enhancing one’s overall figure
  • Reducing the size of one’s hipline and waistline
  • Tightening the stomach muscles
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks, particularly after pregnancy
  • Removal of excess skin, loose skin, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy

DC Tummy Tuck Recovery Process

In regards to results, some patients may notice the results within the next day. Most patients can return to their regular activity after two or three weeks. You may exercise after you are fully healed. The healing process will differ for each patient.

In regards to scares, a full tummy tuck can leave a longer scar. Each patient will have a specific plan and may not need the whole length. Some patients only need a small incision in the pubic area to achieve their goal(s).

Will I Experience Major Weight Loss With A DC Tummy Tuck?

It is important to note that tummy tucks are not substitutes for weight loss or an appropriate exercise program.

If your body is going to fluctuate due to things such as substantial weight loss or if you are considering becoming pregnant, we recommend that you wait to do a tummy tuck.

During your consultation, you can discuss questions, concerns, and overall goals with Dr. Bruno or Dr. Brown.

Am I A Candidate For A Tummy Tuck, DC?

Good candidates for tummy tuck procedures may include:

  • Women who would like to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies
  • Patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight
  • Patients who are in good general health
  • Patients who are near their ideal weight or figure
  • Patients who have realistic expectations for their results
  • Patients who have excess skin or fat in the stomach region

Combing Procedures With A DC Tummy Tuck

Did you know you can combine your procedure? In some cases, a tummy tuck is complemented by liposuction to remove fat.

Many women patients also choose to have a tummy tuck as part of their mommy makeover, which allows you to combine procedures like breast augmentation, breast reduction, sculpting, and more.

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