Get The Trim Midsection You’ve Always Wanted With A Tummy Tuck In DC

Tummy Tuck in DCWhether you have loose hanging skin from pregnancy, weightloss, or aging, a tummy tuck may be able to help you achieve the midsection of your dreams. Many who have become mothers or have experienced significant weight loss notice their stomach has stretch marks and loose skin left behind. While this is totally natural, some are left feeling less than confident in their skin and notice that no diet or exercise seems to make a difference. If you’re ready to see what you can do to improve the look of your tummy, contact us and we’ll see if the Washington, DC tummy tuck is right for you.

Benefits of a tummy tuck procedure

There are several benefits that patients can receive from undergoing the tummy tuck procedure, including:

  • A flatter stomach area
  • Removal of loose hanging skin
  • Reduced size of the waist and hiplines
  • Tightening of the stomach muscles
  • A boost in overall confidence and self-image

What the DC tummy tuck procedure involves

Not all tummy tucks are the same. Many people assume that every tummy tuck involves a full hip to hip incision to remove excess skin and fat in the stomach area. While this type of procedure is required for some patients to achieve their goals, some patients may require more or less work to achieve their body goals. There is the full tummy tuck (the commonly thought of hip to hip incision), the mini (which involves a smaller incision and liposuction), and the extended (which can involve the hip to hip incision and possibly the lower back).

During your consultation with the experts at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, we’ll discuss your current body and what you would like to achieve to come up with a plan that will help you achieve your goals. We’ll go through the procedure from start to finish with you so you understand what to expect and how we will approach the procedure to get certain results. We’ll also answer any questions you have so you feel informed and confident before deciding to undergo the procedure.

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Reclaim Your Body With A DC Tummy Tuck

DC Tummy TuckDo you suffer from excess skin and fat in your midsection and no amount of diet or exercise seems to help? You may be a candidate for a tummy tuck procedure. The tummy tuck is designed to reshape your midsection by removing excess skin and fat, boosting your confidence and improving your physique.

Is the DC tummy tuck right for you?

If you’re curious about the procedure, you should first consult with a plastic surgeon who can discuss your specific goals and how to best achieve them. Many candidates are women who have had children and wish to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies, others have simply lost weight and had excess skin left behind. We recommend that candidates are in good general health, are near their ideal weight or figure, and have realistic expectations for their outcome. We aim to provide the best possible result and help our patients reclaim their bodies.

How the tummy tuck in DC works

Each case is different, and for that reason, we approach each tummy tuck individually. We start by addressing your main concerns. Is it loose skin that bothers you, excess fat, your overall shape, or stretch marks? These are all factors to consider prior to a tummy tuck. We offer a full, mini, and extended tummy tuck. Each type of tummy tuck is different and selected based on your unique case. We also consider other goals you have and can combine the tummy tuck with other procedures.

Our experience with the tummy tuck procedure

Our doctors are known for producing incredible results. We take the time to listen to each patient’s concerns, wishes, and questions throughout the entire process. We want our patients to feel comfortable before undergoing any procedure and ensure they understand the procedure and what to expect. We perform technically advanced procedures that help us achieve results our patients are thrilled with, and we always keep our patients well being top priority.

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Reach Your Goals with A Tummy Tuck in DC

Tummy Tuck in DCAre you unhappy with the look of your midsection, and no amount of diet or exercise seems to help? A tummy tuck may be able to help you get the trim shape you’ve always wanted by removing excess fat, tissue, and skin in your midsection.

Six benefits of a tummy tuck in DC:

  • A flatter stomach
  • Improved look of abdominal muscles
  • Smaller waist and hipline
  • Enhanced figure
  • Removal of excess skin and fat due to weight loss or pregnancy
  • Improved confidence

How to know if a DC tummy tuck is right for you

Before deciding to get a tummy tuck, you should find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Good candidates are in good overall health, near their ideal weight or figure, have realistic expectations, have excess skin or fat in their midsection, or those who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Choose a top-rated plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck in DC

When you’re deciding whether or not to get a tummy tuck, it’s best to discuss your options with a top-rated plastic surgeon who can make recommendations based on your goals. Not all tummy tucks are the same, and the procedure can vary based on your specific needs. The three types of tummy tucks are: a full tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, and an extended tummy tuck.

The doctors at Bruno | Brown will be able to walk you through the procedure that’s right for you and guide you through the entire process. We’re committed to providing top-notch care for our patients while always putting patient safety at the top of our priority list.

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New Year, New You- How a Tummy Tuck in DC Can Give You the Body You Want

Tummy Tuck in DCHave you made New Year weight-loss resolutions that just seem impossible to keep? This year make good on your resolution and get the body you’ve always wanted with a tummy tuck in DC.

What a tummy tuck procedure involves

Not all tummy tucks are the same. Depending on your body and your goals, there are different procedure options. Some of the main options your doctor may consider are:

  • Full tummy tuck: A full tummy tuck typically involves an incision that goes across the hip line and around the belly button.
  • Mini tummy tuck: A mini tummy tuck usually has a smaller incision and can be complemented by liposuction.
  • Extended tummy tuck: The extended tummy tuck is a great option for people who have lost a significant amount of weight that has left behind loose or hanging skin. This procedure usually involves an incision around the flanks, lower back, and the hip line.

Benefits of a tummy tuck in DC

Along with keeping the New Year resolution, you make every year; the tummy tuck procedure has a wide array of benefits, including:

  • A flatter stomach
  • Improved appearance of the abdominal area
  • Smaller waistline
  • An enhanced figure
  • Tighter abdominal muscles
  • Removal of excess or loose, hanging skin
  • Boosted confidence
  • Improved appearance of stretch marks

Consult with a top-rated DC plastic surgeon for your DC tummy tuck

When you’re considering a tummy tuck, it’s best to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon that is committed to providing cutting edge procedures while always keeping patient safety top of mind. The doctors at Bruno | Brown have years of experience performing technically advanced procedures while always considering the best interests of their patients.

We’ll discuss your specific goals and needs and come up with a plan to achieve your goals as well as make sure you’re a good candidate for surgery. We can walk you through what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

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Attention Washington, DC: Tummy Tuck Facts and Misconceptions

Tummy Tuck DCA tummy tuck is a wonderful procedure for those who want to tighten up their midsection after significant weight loss, those who’ve had children, or those with loose hanging skin. While this is one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures, several myths surround it. We want to dispel some of those myths to ensure you understand the procedure fully.

Misconception: Weight loss is the main purpose of a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck has several purposes, and while weight loss is a benefit of the procedure, it’s certainly not the main reason to get one. Candidates often come to us with loose hanging skin caused by a variety of reasons and wish to have it removed to improve the look of their body. In some cases, this involves removing small sections of skin and in others, it requires more extensive surgery.

Misconception: All tummy tucks are the same

There are three major types of tummy tuck procedures:

  • Mini tummy tuck: Not everyone needs to have large areas of skin removed to achieve their goals. A mini tummy tuck is often completed by liposuction and has a smaller incision.
  • Full tummy tuck: A full tummy tuck is what many people think of when they hear the words “tummy tuck.” This involves an incision from hip to hip where excess skin is removed to achieve the desired look.
  • Extended tummy tuck: An extended tummy tuck is typically reserved for cases where the patient has lost a significant amount of weight, and the only way to achieve their desired look is a more involved surgery. In this procedure, there is an incision made around the flank, lower back, and hip line.

Misconception: You don’t need a DC tummy tuck if you practice proper diet and exercise

Diet and exercise are key factors in maintaining a healthy body; however, in some instances, it can seem next to impossible to achieve your desired body. In cases with excess skin, and those with excess fat that won’t seem to go away, a tummy tuck can certainly help you achieve the body you want.

Are you considering a tummy tuck in DC?

The doctors at Bruno | Brown will discuss your body goals and what the best course of action will be to get the body you’re trying to achieve. They aim for the best possible results while always accounting for patient safety.

To discuss your tummy tuck options, call today or reach out online to schedule a consultation.