IV Therapy

Boost Your Energy and Overall Health with Intravenous (IV) Hydration Therapy

IV Therapy provides essential fluids directly in the bloodstream and can be combined with vitamins to provide added nutrients. IV Hydration can help improve your energy, boost immunity, reduce stress, improve sleep, and improve your overall health. This procedure can also be combined with any skincare procedure or office visit.

Considerations for Your DC-area IV Therapy Procedure:

The daily stressors of life can leave you feeling drained and even affect your health. IV therapy is designed to help patients feel better mentally and physically through essential fluids.

Your doctor will help you determine what type of IV therapy will benefit you most.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss the following: 

  • Your goals for IV Therapy
  • Your stress levels
  • Your energy levels
  • Your overall Health

Making the Right Decision: Choose an Expert Plastic Surgeon with Proven Experience

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your IV therapy procedure is critical. Our doctors have decades of experience making each and every patient feel confident with the latest, most innovative practices.

IV Therapy Northern Virginia

IV Therapy at a Glance:

Procedure Time: 45 Minutes

Recovery Time: None

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