Patients who have undergone previous reconstructive implant surgery often suffer from an excessive muscle animation deformity. Because implants are typically placed under the muscle and there is no breast tissue between the muscle and the skin after mastectomy, normal daily motion and activity can cause an excessive wrinkling and discomfort in the chest area. We have found that using our Advanced Technique Muscle Animation Repair, or ATMAR, we are able to restore the natural position and function of the chest muscles, thus improving the outcomes for many women following mastectomy and reconstruction.

Symptoms of Muscle Animation:

  • Chronic pain or throbbing in chest area
  • “Pulling” sensation when performing daily activities
  • Visible “wrinkling” or “pulling” of skin when moving arms
  • Tight muscle band across implant and breast mound
  • Sub-optimal aesthetics

Benefits of ATMAR:

  • Improved comfort in chest area and muscle
  • No “wrinkling” or “pulling”‘ of skin
  • Better contour of breast mound and implant placement
  • Improved aesthetics

Are you seeing symptoms of muscle animation?
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