Breast Reconstruction techniques have evolved over the years to the benefit of our patients. At Bruno|Brown, we have been fortunate to stay at the forefront of that change and are pleased to offer as one of our Advanced Techniques, Pre-Pectoral Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction.

Traditionally, breast cancer patients who undergo a mastectomy and desire implant reconstruction would have their implants or tissue expanders placed under the chest muscle or pectorals. We have been part of a forward-thinking movement that challenges this tradition. While there are many patients who will benefit from the traditional under-the-muscle technique, as we continue to collaborate with our breast surgeon colleagues, the number of patients eligible for our Advanced Technique Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction is growing.

Our physicians routinely lecture nationwide on this technique and take part in educational labs in teaching our plastic surgeon colleagues. We have found that many patients who have previously had under-the-muscle reconstruction are candidates for the over-the-muscle procedure as well.

Benefits of Pre-Pectoral (Over-the -Muscle) Breast Reconstruction:

  • No muscle fatigue or chronic pain
  • No muscle animation or pull on skin
  • Quicker recovery, less pain, less downtime

Candidates for Pre-Pectoral (Over-the Muscle) Breast Reconstruction:

  • Patients undergoing mastectomy
  • Previously reconstructed patients
  • Active patients

If you have questions about pre-pectoral breast reconstruction, contact us to schedule your consultation.