Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions customer loyalty program has upgraded to Allē to better serve you! Patients can now earn points on more than Botox and filler!  The new program offers patients more ways to earn points and save money, and it features a streamlined app to make the checkout process even easier. Patients are now able to […]

When you decide to undergo a plastic surgery procedure you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible result and have the best plastic surgeon. Searching for the right doctor can be exhausting and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When you’re searching for the best plastic surgeon for you, consider the trusted surgeons at […]

Hundreds of thousands of women opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery each year. Breast augmentation can help women achieve a variety of breast goals through different types of procedures. While some women opt into the surgery simply to increase their breast size, others hope to achieve more symmetry or restore volume they’ve lost over time. […]

As a mom, you work hard enough to keep yourself and your entire family happy and healthy. When you do find time for yourself it can be difficult to eat properly and go to the gym, and even then you may not be seeing the results you want. If you’re ready to take control of […]

Chances are, you’ve heard of the tummy tuck procedure. With over 120,000 tummy tucks performed in 2019, the procedure is incredibly popular. Patients opt into the procedure for both cosmetic and medical reasons, but before deciding on a tummy tuck you should learn if the procedure is right for you. Facts about the DC tummy […]

Read about Maria’s real-life Breast Augmentation experience Watch her full surgical procedure and read about her healing below!   Never, not even in my worst moments, did I ever, ever regret it for a second. -Maria In addition to filming her procedure, we also interviewed Maria about her breast augmentation. Why did you want to […]

A breast reduction is a relatively common procedure that many women have chosen to improve their health and happiness. The procedure is meant for those who suffer from back and shoulder pain due to large breasts, discomfort and unhappiness with their large breasts, and those who suffer from limited physical activity due to the size […]

Many individuals suffer from excess skin or fat in their midsection that doesn’t seem to go away even with proper diet and exercise. Pregnancy, weight loss, lifestyle, and genetics can play a large role in causing excess skin and fat which can take a toll on your mental health. If you’re tired of feeling less […]

Breast augmentation is consistently one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed. In 2019, it was the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure with just under 300,000 procedures performed in the U.S. While this procedure is extremely common, many people are unaware of the different options they have to achieve their breast goals. While breast […]

After you’ve had a baby it can be extremely difficult to get back to the body you once had. During pregnancy, your body goes through extreme changes and once you’ve had your baby you don’t have as much free time as you used to. If you’re unhappy with your body after baby and no amount […]

  •  The Mommy Makeover Facts You Should Know
  •  The Mommy Makeover Facts You Should Know
  •  The Mommy Makeover Facts You Should Know
  •  The Mommy Makeover Facts You Should Know
  •  The Mommy Makeover Facts You Should Know

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