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Abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck, is beneficial if you have stretched, hanging skin around your midriff. A tummy tuck: Removes excess fat Removes sagging skin Tightens stretched abdominal muscles A tummy tuck may also eliminate stretch marks if they are located on the skin to be removed. A tummy tuck is often included in… Read more »

New research findings show that BOTOX® Cosmetic injections may have added rejuvenation benefits for your skin. While BOTOX® Cosmetic is used as primarily an anti-aging treatment, researchers are studying other beneficial effects, including whether the injectable may actually help promote the production of elastin and collagen, proteins that keep your skin firm. As you age,… Read more »

We all know that the best way to get the firm, toned figure you want is through diet and exercise. However, for many residents of Washington DC who eat healthy and have a great exercise regimen, there are still a few areas that just don’t seem to respond. If this describes your situation, you may… Read more »

Among other things, the aging process can leave your cheeks hollow, giving you a tired and worn out appearance. Perhaps you have always struggled with feeling that your cheekbones are flat or undefined and that your facial contours are not what you hoped. Cheek augmentation can help restore a youthful, appealing look of full cheeks… Read more »

When you are looking for a plastic surgeon in the Washington DC area, your choices can seem overwhelming. It is important to neither become discouraged by your options, nor to choose the first plastic surgeon you stumble across. Your surgeon will play a direct role in your comfort, safety, and ultimate aesthetic results. When you… Read more »

Most people who undergo plastic surgery do so to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. But did you know the benefits of your procedure can go far beyond the way you view yourself? A new study suggests that undergoing plastic surgery can also impact the way others perceive your personality. According to this… Read more »

The U.S. economy continues to recover, and one sign of better financial times is an increase in cosmetic procedures performed in 2014. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released the 2014 statistics on cosmetic procedures, and their report indicated that the number of total procedures rose 3% from the previous year. Interestingly, one of… Read more »

Over time, your breasts will undergo certain changes. This is typically caused by a variety of factors including gravity, the aging process, fluctuations in weight, and pregnancy. Often, these changes can result in sagging and stretching of your breasts. Fortunately, there are several breast surgery options to restore a more youthful breast appearance. The breast… Read more »

Many women who are considering breast augmentation are concerned that the procedure will impact their future mammogram results. This is a valid concern and not something that that should be taken lightly. In fact, both saline and silicone breast implants can potentially impact the effectiveness of mammogram results, making it more difficult to detect signs… Read more »