Options for Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

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All noses come in different shapes and sizes. They all sit between different types of cheeks and above different lips. Noses are unique, and the facial features around them make them even more unique. Because of this, rhinoplasties are not one-size-fits-all treatments. Achieving a patient’s desired look takes a plastic surgeon’s intuition, technique, and expertise.

Plastic surgeons approach rhinoplasties in two ways: surgical and non-surgical. Below we’ll talk about the differences between a traditional rhinoplasty and a liquid rhinoplasty in Washington, DC.

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Traditional Rhinoplasty

Nose Job DCIf you’re thinking about getting a nose job in Washington, DC, the traditional rhinoplasty at Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery is what you’re picturing. The traditional rhinoplasty is the surgical way to tweak your nose and bring more balance to your face. Depending on your current situation and desired outcome, your doctor will recommend either an open or closed rhinoplasty.

Open rhinoplasty is like a full makeover for your nose, involving changes to the bridge, slimming, tweaking the tip, or messing with the bone. It’s a bit more intense due to the bone work being done and requires more incisions, resulting in a longer recovery.

Closed rhinoplasty is for those who just want to focus on the soft tissue at the tip without touching the bridge or bone. It’s less invasive and therefore needs fewer incisions.

Recovery for both involves bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. Swelling eases after 2 to 4 weeks, but the final results might take a whole year to fully show. Opting for a traditional rhinoplasty in Washington, DC means you’re tapping into top-notch doctors and the latest techniques for the best results.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

At Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery, a liquid rhinoplasty in Washington, DC offers a non-surgical alternative for individuals seeking subtle enhancements without committing to a full-fledged surgery. This innovative procedure employs fillers to adjust details and correct minor irregularities precisely.

Ideal for those with specific concerns, many patients choose liquid rhinoplasty in DC to address issues like a dorsal hump – the noticeable ridge on the top of the nose. Through a few strategically placed injections, our skilled doctors can smooth out uneven areas, creating the illusion of a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing nose shape.

A key advantage of liquid rhinoplasty is its non-invasive nature. No surgical work on the bone or soft tissue is required. This results in a faster recovery process, and patients can enjoy immediate, visible results following the procedure. Patients typically like the fact that liquid rhinoplasties are a quick touch-up and not considered a permanent adjustment.

Why should you choose Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery for your Washington, DC rhinoplasty needs?

Choosing Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery for your rhinoplasty needs ensures a blend of expertise, innovation, and personalized care. Renowned in Washington, DC, our team of skilled surgeons brings years of experience, cutting-edge techniques, and patient satisfaction.

Whether opting for traditional rhinoplasty or the non-surgical liquid approach, patients benefit from a meticulously tailored approach to meet their aesthetic goals. Our commitment to excellence stems from an understanding of facial harmony and dedication to achieving natural-looking results.

With a reputation for delivering transformative outcomes, choosing Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery means entrusting your rhinoplasty journey to a team that values your well-being and aesthetic aspirations.

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3 Types of Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

Dulles Rhinoplasty

Your guide to the 3 types of rhinoplasty in the DC area

Rhinoplasties are one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world, popular for altering the shape and size of the nose. Also known as a nose job, the procedure can help individuals change the look of their nose, balance their facial features, and even have medical benefits such as improved breathing ability.

With advancing technology, doctors are able to achieve your ideal nose in a number of ways. There are three main techniques for nose correction, all which require different skill and expertise:

  • Traditional Rhinoplasty
  • Liquid Rhinoplasty
  • Revision Rhinoplasty

This blog will discuss the benefits and differences of each one.

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1. Traditional Rhinoplasty

A traditional rhinoplasty is what you typically think of when you think of a nose job. This is the surgical approach to altering your nose anatomy in order to create better facial harmony.

Choosing to get your nose job in Washington, DC will give you access to the best doctors and most innovative techniques possible. Washington, DC rhinoplasty procedures can either be done open or closed.

  • Open Rhinoplasty: This is for patients who desire a full revision to their nose structure, whether it be altering the bridge profile, slimming the nose, changing the appearance of the tip, or manipulating the bone. This procedure does require bone-work, making it slightly more invasive and resulting in more incisions.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: This is for patients who don’t need work to their bridge profile, structure, or bone, but rather are more concerned with the soft tissue of the tip of the nose. Because there is no bone-work, this approach is less invasive and requires less incisions.

Recovery for both approaches includes bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. Initial swelling will reside after 2 to 4 weeks, but final results may not be visible until 1 year.

2. Liquid Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

A liquid rhinoplasty is a non-surgical procedure used for those who don’t need drastic altering or don’t want to commit to a full surgery. This procedure utilizes filler to fine-tune details and even out small abnormalities.

Patients who opt for a liquid rhinoplasty in DC often want to even out their dorsal hump, the ridge on the top of the nose. With just a few injections, the doctor can fill the uneven spaces and create the appearance of a straighter, more aesthetic nose shape.

This procedure requires no incisions and no surgical work to the bone or soft tissue, making recovery faster and results immediate.

3. Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasties are done when a patient has already had a rhinoplasty procedure, but wants further altering or corrective action. Because work has already been done in this area, this procedure can be trickier than the average rhinoplasty.

In order to understand your nose’s anatomy along with the previous adjustments, open rhinoplasties are often performed during a DC revision rhinoplasty. This allows the doctor to have full visualization and control of existing and future corrections.

Your recovery from your revision rhinoplasty in Washington, DC will differ depending on the extent of revision needed, but similar to recovery from a traditional rhinoplasty.

Why should I get a Washington, DC nose job?

Our doctors are skilled surgeons with years of experience. They have the knowledge and expertise to examine your nose, listen to your goals, suggest their professional opinion, and execute your rhinoplasty according to the consultation. Listen to what one of our patients had to say:

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bruno’s for several years now. He’s not only a talented surgeon, but he has a very gentle, comforting manner. I broke my nose recently, which would have been extremely traumatic if it weren’t for the calm and confident way he handled the situation. Based on past experience with him, I knew that he was the best person to do the surgery. The surgery was easy and painless and my nose looks great.” – Christine F.

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Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery Presents: The “Beverly Hills Nose Job” in Washington DC

Looking for a rhinoplasty in DC but wanting the Beverly Hills look? Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery can help

Beverly Hills is known as the leader in plastic surgery. When you think of Hollywood movie stars and LA influencers, you often wonder what they have had done to stay looking so young and flawless. Plastic surgeons have been working with celebrities for decades to help achieve the “camera ready” look.

Dr. Suma Yalamanchili has joined the Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery practice all the way from California. Dr. Yalamanchili is unique in that she is one of only a handful of plastic surgeons who are also fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery. She is the only plastic surgeon in the nation to have completed this fellowship in Beverly Hills, California.

Her experience in California has given her the skills and ability to bring the Beverly Hills look to anywhere in the world, including the nation’s capital.

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Getting a rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

There are a number of different ways to improve the shape and appearance of your nose. The “Beverly Hills Nose Job” does not refer to one specific size or shape, but rather the way with which we approach nose surgery. Listed below are some of the different techniques our doctors may use:

  • Open Rhinoplasty: used for major nose reshaping, allows doctor to fully see nasal anatomy
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: used for minor nose reshaping and minimal incisions
  • Full Rhinoplasty: used when reconstructing the bone
  • Tip Rhinoplasty: used when only needing to reconstruct the soft tissue
  • Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: used as a result of damage or injury
  • Revisional Rhinoplasty: used when revising a previous rhinoplasty
  • Filler Adjustment: used when making minor adjustments and a surgical procedure is not necessary

Consultation for an Open Rhinoplasty in Washington, DC

Each patient is unique and requires a personalized approach. During your consultation, you will discuss your current situation, desired outcome, and factors that may contribute to the success of the procedure. From there, your doctor will be able to recommend the best technique to achieve your goal.

When discussing what your desired outcome is, it’s important to make sure you and your doctor are on the same page. You may have a general understanding of what you are looking for but your doctor will be able to guide you in the right direction. They will help blend your idea of the perfect nose with what will look perfect on your face.

It can be helpful to bring photos in of the nose you are thinking of. This way, you and your doctor can have a clear visual of what you are describing and avoid miscommunication.

Recovery from a Washington, DC nose job

A rhinoplasty will typically involve a 2 to 3 hour procedure with no hospital stay and around a 3 week recovery until you can resume normal activities.

In the first week, you should avoid most activity that will increase your heart rate. When you heart rate increases, it can cause your nose to swell even more. The goal for this month of recovery is to reduce swelling as much as possible.

During your second week, you can increase your activity slightly. This could include a light walk or non-aggressive movement. You will start to feel better in between the second and third week during which you can continue to ease back into your regular activities.

After the third week, there are little to no activity restrictions. You may want to monitor your swelling as you increase activity to ensure you don’t disrupt the healing process.

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