Potomac, Maryland: Your Guide to The Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Potomac, MDIf your hardworking efforts towards dieting and exercise are failing to yield the results you desire, consider a tummy tuck in Potomac, MD

The tummy tuck procedure can completely reshape your stomach area and remove excess or loose skin.

Tummy tuck surgery for celebrities

Tummy tuck surgery is increasingly popular- even some celebrities are choosing to undergo this procedure. Shanna Moakler, actress and model, has 3 children. Since her tummy tuck procedure in 2018, she has been flaunting her body saying, “I am so thankful and so happy with my results”. Read the full article here.

Your guide to tummy tuck surgery in Potomac, MD

For your tummy tuck surgery, your expert plastic surgeon at Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery will work with you to determine how the procedure can best address your goals. We take a holistic approach to this surgery which means that the overall waistline is shaped to achieve the best results, rather than focusing solely on the problem area.

This approach is so comprehensive it can help you drop several pants sizes and ensures the results are as natural-looking as possible.

Ideal candidates for the tummy tuck surgery have experienced pregnancy or significant weight loss, which has left stubborn, excess tissue and loose skin that diet and exercise alone cannot remove. Ideal candidates for this procedure are also in good health and near their ideal weight, with realistic goals in mind for their desired look.

Your tummy tuck options include:

  • Mini tummy tuck: Involving a much smaller incision (often combined with liposuction)
  • Full tummy tuck: Involving an incision across the hip line and around the belly button
  • Extended tummy tuck: Involving multiple incisions around the flank, lower back and hip line (best for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight)

During this procedure, the appearance of your abdomen is reshaped. The surgery usually takes between two to four hours with a recovery time of around two to three weeks. Your expert plastic surgeon will work with you to determine which option is best for your circumstances.

As experienced plastic surgeons, we look forward to hearing from you to schedule your consultation for your Potomac, MD tummy tuck.