Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation Recovery: FAQs Answered by Dr. Brown

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery that can help improve your confidence and enhance your figure. However, the recovery process can be overwhelming for many patients. In this article, Dr. Brown, a trusted Washington, DC plastic surgeon, answers some of the most common breast augmentation recovery FAQs.

Breast augmentation recovery FAQs, what you need to know:

1. How long is the recoveryprocess: breast augmentation recovery week by week:
Breast augmentation before and after

The recovery process varies for each patient, but most patients can return to light activity within 2 weeks after surgery. Consult with your doctor to ensure you are free and clear before resuming your normal routine.

2. How long after breast augmentation can I work out?

Heavy exercise or chest exercise should be avoided for 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

You should be able to do light lifting and light activity 2 to 3 weeks after your surgery. This means you should be able to return to your everyday workout routine about 3 to 4 weeks after your surgery. 

Make sure you discuss this with your doctor before starting back up with your workout routine.

3. Will I have breast implant scars?

Yes, breast implant scars are common because small incisions must be made to insert the implants. Most surgeons place the scars in inconspicuous areas to make them less visible.

4. When can I drive after my breast augmentation surgery?

Most patients are able to resume driving a few days after surgery, but it’s important to pay attention to any discomfort while sitting up and driving. As a rule of thumb, if it hurts, don’t do it or be extra careful.

5. When can I sleep on my side after breast augmentation?

According to Dr. Brown, you can sleep on your side a day or two after the surgery. However, if you are a person who sleeps flat on their stomach, you will have to wait at least 2 weeks (or more, depending on what your surgeon says).

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Breast Augmentation and Lift for Former NFL Cheerleader at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery

At Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, we’re passionate about helping women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a former NFL cheerleader who wanted to enhance her figure with breast implants and a breast lift.

Meet Dominick Fink, former NFL cheerleader, career woman, mom, and all-around girl boss. Ready to follow her breast implant revision and breast lift experience?

After five and a half years of being unhappy with her current breast augmentation, former NFL cheerleader Dominick Fink decided it was time to change that.

Disclaimer: This video contains some graphic images of surgery.

Why did Dominick choose Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery for her breast implant exchange?

Dominick contacted a former teammate when looking for the perfect plastic surgeon to perform her breast augmentation. Her old Redskins teammate, Jordan, raved about her results from Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, and Dominick knew this was the best option.

Dominick had one main goal: to make her breasts smaller and perkier through a breast implant revision and breast lift.

She already had saline breast implants from her first breast augmentation that she had done five and a half years ago. She felt as though they were too big for her and was looking for something a little more natural.

“I went through a process where I kinda gained a little bit of weight. Got comfortable with myself. And I just, I don’t know… I kinda want to take it down a little bit and just maybe be a little more proportional.”

Overall, she wanted to come across as more proportional and smaller-chested.

Dominick’s breast lift and breast implant exchange consultations: Dominick Fick having a consultation with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown

Before her surgery, Dominick had two consultations: first, to meet the doctors, and second, a pre-surgery consultation to discuss the final details of the surgery. In these consultations, Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown covered:

What about post-surgery drains?

In this breast augmentation, Dominick did not need drains after her surgery. Drains are often used for more invasive surgeries and can help remove excess liquid instead of forcing the body to absorb that liquid. Drains are discussed in both the pre-surgery consultation and the post-surgery consultation when needed.

The surgery took about 3 hours and consisted of a breast implant exchange and a mastopexy or breast lift.

The main goal was to downsize the implants and lift the breasts to tighten them up. Dominick’s surgery consisted of:Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown preforming Breast Implant Exchange

  • Tightening up the breast pocket and skin around the breast to both shrink that space and make sure the implant is not loose.
  • Removing the extra tissue that is not wanted.
  • Placing the implants in the breast pockets and stitching them into place.

In the end, Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown ended up removing half the volume of her breasts.

Dominick’s breast augmentation recovery process:

A few weeks post-surgery, we took the time to interview Dominick on her how she felt and her breast augmentation recovery.

Q: How do you feel post-procedure?Dominick Fink interview after breast lift surgery

A: “I was expecting to be really groggy. I was expecting to be really tired. But I got right back into the car and I was aware of my surroundings, I was good, I felt good. A couple days after I was a little uncomfortable. Just a little mild discomfort but it wasn’t anything too serious. But now I mean I feel great, I’m able to move my arms. I’m super happy with everything and I love the results.”

Q: Did you have any swelling or bruising?

A: “There really wasn’t anything too significant. Of course, the normal scaring around the area, but really there was no bruising.”

Q: How long was it until you felt able to accomplish tasks?

A: “It was about a week, um, until I felt really comfortable moving my arms. Now like I said, I am free to move my arms, and I’m back in the dance studio dancing again. But, I would probably say it was about a week, week and a half until I was back up…  you know, lifting my son up and doing those normal household chores.”

Q: What was the most surprising aspect of the procedure?

A: “I think the most surprising… having had the surgery or a surgery before, I was very nervous about the swelling aspect of it. When I came out of my first surgery, I was super, super swollen, but now I feel comfortable. I think they look great. I feel like I could be back to, you know, my normal bra size or my regular bra size. I think the swelling aspect was what I was really nervous about, but it wasn’t anything too significant.” 

Q: What was your healing time and process like?

A: “Healing Time, I was really nervous. I thought I was going to be out and down for, you know, ‘x’ amount of months, but… like I said, I am back in the dance studio, I am moving, and I am ready to work out again. I feel great. I feel like I can get back in the gym and do everything that I did before.” 

Q: What were your follow-up consultations like?

A: “Follow-ups were absolutely fantastic. When I originally had my first surgery… I went for my consult, I got my surgery, and that was really it. But with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown, everyone has been so fantastic. I’ve come in, I’ve had multiple appointments afterward to check on me, to see how I’m feeling, I’ve had emails, I’ve had calls… this whole experience with Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown has been absolutely incredible. And something I would honestly recommend to anyone and everyone who is looking to have a surgery done. It’s just been fantastic.” 

Breast augmentation before and after results

Dominick’s results turned out better than she could have ever wanted, and she had a smoother recovery than she was expecting. See her amazing results for yourself!

Breast Augmentation before and afterBreast Augmentation before and after side view

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