Questions to Ask Your DC Plastic Surgeon During Your Consultation

DC Plastic SurgeonBefore undergoing any type of plastic surgery, you’ll likely do your research and try to find the best doctor for you. But how do you know if they’re a great plastic surgeon and can give you the results you want? We’ve put together a list of questions to ask to help you make your decision.

The questions to ask during a consultation with a DC plastic surgeon

  • What procedure or procedures are right for me? You may go into a consultation expecting that one procedure is right for you and find out that there are other options that may end up aligning more with your goals. You’ll want to find a surgeon who listens to your goals and is able to suggest possible alternatives so you know all of your options before getting started.
  • How do you achieve your results? You’ll want to understand their techniques, what the surgery involves, and the ongoing support provided during recovery. When you undergo any procedure, we work to ensure you understand what we’ll do before, during, and after surgery. We aim to educate our patients so they’re prepared and informed.
  • What is your experience with the procedure I’m interested in? It’s important that the surgeon you choose is highly knowledgeable about that specific procedure. Just as you wouldn’t choose a dentist to perform foot surgery, you shouldn’t choose a surgeon who isn’t experienced in the procedure you’re interested in.

How to know if you’ve found the right plastic surgeon for you

It’s important to find a plastic surgeon you’re comfortable with and is highly experienced in the procedure, or procedures, you’re interested in. Our doctors will discuss your goals and answer your questions during our initial consultation.

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How to Choose a Doctor for Your Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in DCThe tummy tuck procedure is a great option for those who have excess skin in their stomach area, those who have gone through pregnancy and wish to reclaim their waist, and those with stubborn fat that they can’t seem to get rid of. But, when you decide a tummy tuck may be an option for you, it’s important to find a doctor you can trust.

Questions to ask your doctor during your tummy tuck consultation

  1. Is the procedure right for me? – Any time you decide to turn to a plastic surgeon, you should find out what procedure or procedures will help achieve your goals. You may go in thinking a tummy tuck is right and find out that another procedure is better for your specific goals.
  2. What does the procedure involve? – This varies from patient to patient so it’s important to ask what your procedure would involve. Depending on the extent of the changes you want to see, your tummy tuck procedure may change.
  3. What’s the recovery time like? – This also varies from patient to patient, but we typically see around 2-3 weeks. Make sure to ask your doctor what you can expect so you feel prepared and informed before making a final decision.
  4. Should I combine this procedure with others? – We often have patients combine procedures to achieve their results without having to go through two separate recovery periods. If you’re interested in targeting an area beside your tummy, we can talk about other procedures that could benefit you.
  5. What is your experience with this procedure? – This is an important question to ask any plastic surgeon prior to any procedure. You want to be sure they know what they’re doing and are knowledgeable about the procedure.

Choosing the right doctor for your tummy tuck procedure

It’s important to find a doctor that you’re comfortable with and you feel you can trust. Our doctors are board-certified and highly trained in a variety of plastic surgery procedures. We use state-of-the-art equipment and perform technically advanced procedures to achieve the best possible result. Our goal is to make sure you’re informed prior to surgery and understand what to expect before we get started.

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