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Outstanding plastic surgery in Chevy Chase, MD

Are you in search of premier Chevy Chase plastic surgery? Look no further! Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery stands out as among the leading providers of cosmetic and reconstructive proceduresBest Plastic Surgeons in Northern Virginia. Our practice, led by esteemed doctors, James R. Bruno, MD, FACS, C. Coleman Brown MD, FACS, and Suma Yalamanchili, MD, offers a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Let’s delve into what sets our practice apart and why we’re the top choice for plastic surgery in Chevy Chase, MD.

State-of-the-art cosmetic surgery in Maryland: Experience unmatched comfort and safety

At Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery, patient safety and comfort are our top priorities. Our Chevy Chase location boasts AAAHC-certified onsite private surgical suites equipped with advanced technology and staffed by board-certified anesthesiologists. This ensures that every procedure is performed with the utmost precision and adherence to safety protocols, providing our patients with peace of mind.

Our main priority is safety when it comes to our patients. We are here to guide you through every step of the process from your consultation, through recovery. Any questions or concerns you may have- no matter big or small- will all be addressed. We emphasize the importance of comfort while we aim to meet your aesthetic goals and desires. Our experienced surgeons will work closely with you to understand your goals, concerns, and expectations. Whether you’re considering breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, or body contouring, we’ll take the time to discuss your options and develop a personalized plan that aligns with your needs and desires.

Meet our highly-rated plastic surgeons in Chevy Chase

Our practice is staffed with fantastic plastic surgeons in Chevy Chase who have been serving the community for decades. Let’s meet them!

Dr. James R. Bruno: A plastic surgeon with a strong commitment to education and community service. He served as a clinical assistant professor at The Ohio State University before becoming the Off-site Residency Program Director at Sibley Memorial Hospital. With degrees from prestigious institutions and extensive training, Dr. Bruno has earned recognition as one of America’s Top Plastic Surgeons and has been honored by Washingtonian Magazine for his expertise.

Dr. C. Coleman Brown: Earning accolades from both colleagues and patients. He completed extensive training in general and plastic surgery, including a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York, with a focus on cosmetic surgery. Dr. Brown’s expertise has been featured in various national and local publications, and he’s held prestigious positions such as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Sibley Memorial Hospital and membership in esteemed professional organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Suma Yalamanchili: Unique training in both plastic and facial plastic surgery, making her one of the few in the nation with such qualifications. Her expertise allows her to offer a wide range of procedures, including functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty, deep plane facelifts, and endoscopic brow lifts. With a background in the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and comprehensive training in plastic surgery, she delivers exceptional care across various areas, including eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, and body contouring.

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Questions to ask During Your Tummy Tuck Consultation

Tummy Tuck in DCThousands of individuals undergo the tummy tuck procedure every year. Whether it’s to get back to a pre-baby body, remove excess skin from weight loss, or simply to improve the look of their tummy, we’re ready to help you achieve your tummy goals. But despite its popularity and countless articles with FAQs, there are questions you should ask during your tummy tuck consultation.

Questions for your tummy tuck consultation

  1. What procedure is right for me? We perform full, mini, and extended tummy tucks to help our patients achieve their desired look. Depending on your goals and the amount of fat/skin removal required to get there will dictate what procedure is right for you.
  2. What is your experience with the procedure? It’s important that your surgeon is well versed in the procedure you’re looking to have completed.
  3. What can I expect for recovery time? Recovery time will vary depending on the extent of your procedure so you should ask your surgeon what to expect prior to getting started. Additionally, some individuals heal faster than others so your surgeon should be able to give you an estimated recovery time based on a variety of factors. The average recovery time is roughly 2-3 weeks.
  4. Is this the best procedure for me? You may think a tummy tuck is best for you and can achieve your results but that may not be the case. In some scenarios, we recommend additional procedures to achieve your desired look. For example, a mommy makeover if you’re trying to achieve your pre-baby body or an arm or thigh lift if you have additional skin that needs to be removed.

Choosing the right DC plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck

It’s of the utmost importance that you trust your plastic surgeon and feel comfortable. At Bruno | Brown our doctors are highly experienced in performing technically advanced procedures to achieve the best possible results for our patients. We take the time to listen to our patients and get a feel for their goals to ensure they’re opting for the best procedure for them. We’ll happily answer any questions you have along the way and be there to support you throughout your recovery.

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Labiaplasty Washington, DC

If you’re experiencing physical and emotional discomfort from excess labial tissue, the labiaplasty procedure in Washington, DC, may be the right choice for you.

Labiaplasty DC can reduce the size of both the labia minora and labia majora.

Why Choose Labiaplasty DC?

Both the physical and emotional discomfort of loose or hanging labial tissue leads many women to choose labiaplasty. This physical discomfort is most often experienced as pain during athletic activities such as cycling or horseback riding, pain from tight clothes, or pain from intercourse due to the size of the labia. This could even lead to sexual avoidance from anticipating painful intercourse.

Some women also choose a labiaplasty procedure because they feel insecure about the shape, size, or appearance of their labia. Excess tissue can result from a significant weight loss or pregnancy and can cause the labia to be asymmetrical or cause the labia minora to extend well beyond the labia majora.

Labiaplasty can take as little as 45 minutes with minimal recovery time. However it is recommended to hold off on any significant or strenuous lower body exercise for several weeks. While many patients elect to undergo general anesthesia for extra comfort, it is also possible to perform the procedure using a local anesthetic if this is your preference.

The Benefits of Labiaplasty Washington, DC Can Include:

  • Loose, sagging labia minora shortened so that they no longer hang below the labia majora
  • Wearing tight clothes without irritation
  • Horseback riding, cycling, and other activities can be performed without discomfort
  • Relief of itching or irritation
  • A more attractive, youthful labia appearance
  • An increase in self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A better sexual experience
  • Increased sexual pleasure if the clitoris becomes more exposed
  • An end to recurrent yeast infections if they were caused by excessive irritation from elongated labia

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, multiple studies indicate that labiaplasty surgery is associated with a high satisfaction rate of over 90 percent. Choose a surgeon you can trust, like the doctors at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery who have significant experience performing labiaplasty surgery. The skills of your plastic surgeon translate directly to your plastic surgery results. The labia are very small, delicate structures so it is particularly important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for this procedure like Drs. Bruno, Brown, and Tan.


We look forward to seeing you for your free consultation or Labiaplasty DC procedure soon.

Have you ever wanted to know more about Botox? In this post Dr. Brown answers the most common questions we get!

Botox-resultsThere’s a lot of misinformation out there about when to use Botox. We’ve heard and seen just about everything. Here, Dr. Brown sits down to answer the most common questions we get about Botox.

Q: When is the best age/time/signals you need to start considering Botox?

As one might expect, people are very expressive, even in their sleep or just talking normally. The best time to start isn’t a specific age, but is when you notice that your expressiveness is leaving small creases in the skin.

It is easier to prevent than to correct, so patients are coming in earlier for preventative maintenance that keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay for much longer. Coupled with good skin care and protection from environmental damage, the aged appearances of the past are becoming less frequent.

In our practice, most patients are in their 30s to 60s, with the bulk in the 40-55 range; I think it’s trending lower as more people realize it’s easier to prevent than to correct, so patients in their late 20s and early 30s are coming in, but maybe every 6 months instead of every 3-4.

Q: How should a patient consider using Botox in their 20s/30s/40s and so on?

• 20s: It’s more preventative, so consider having it every 4-6 months
• 30s: You’re starting to correct wrinkles that show without moving, and these patients typically need it every 4 months
• 40s: This is more of a combination age, and these patients may need additional correction in the realm of skin care/PRP/etc; maybe having their eyes done and so forth to really help freshen the appearance
• 50s and up: This age starts to err more in the direction of correction (surgery) and Botox is more “icing on the cake” so to speak.

Q: Does it just work on the forehead and crow’s feet?  Or are there other uses to consider?

For me, the vast majority get it between the eyes and on the crow’s feet; next is the forehead and then ancillary areas such as the corners of the mouth, the bunny lines on sides of nose, neck bands and more. If you’re concerned about a particular set of wrinkles you’ve noticed and wonder if Botox is the right treatment, you should set up a consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Q: What gives some people the droopy eye and /or frozen look?  How do you make sure you avoid having that happen?

The tendency to treat fully the forehead lines allows the brow to drop, thereby giving the eyes a tired/droopy and frozen look. I go lighter on the forehead for this very reason; balance it with the elevation from the frown lines and the crow’s feet and it looks more natural.

Although we aim to get a perfect result every time, it’s often better to under correct as you can always add more if needed.

Q: At other med spas we’ve seen it as common practice to do big shots that leave us with a headache and the ‘mosquito bite’ telltale sign.  Can you explain your approach?

Every doctor has their own way but we use one of the smallest needles available and perform more precise injections in the muscle versus larger amounts; while there is always a chance to have a bruise or achy spot, using these techniques coupled with the application of ice minimizes our patients discomfort.

Q: How long do the results last?

Results last about 4-6 months in certain areas, some people burn it off quicker; most patients return every 3-4 months.

We provide Botox to patients in the Washington, DC, Chevy Chase, MD and Norther Virginia area.

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One Real Life DC Lipo Experience

You have reached our blog! If you’re looking for liposuction before and after photos, please click here.

Read one patient’s story about her DC Liposuction journey:

Why I Considered Liposuction in DC
Here’s my back story: I was cursed with saddlebags. Even as a skinny, awkward teen, I was a size 3 on the top and 5 on the bottom.

15 years and 20 pounds later my thighs certainly haven’t gotten any better. Pencil skirts and skinny jeans? Forget it.

Why I chose Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery
I did a LOT of research online, asked friends and read reviews. I had consultations at two places, and decided on Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery. Their reputation is superb, the staff is funny and kind, and the doctors make you feel incredibly safe in their hands.

The ConsultationSmartlipo Results DC, Chevy Chase MD
For plastic surgery novices like me, here’s how it goes:
• Talk to a friendly medical assistant about what you’re thinking
• Put on a robe
• Talk to the doctor about your goals
• Take the robe off so the doctor can see your problem zones
• Take some ‘before’ photos (your choice- I definitely wanted to see the before & after!)
• Re-robe and talk about the procedure and the doctor’s recommendations
• Ask any questions you may have- (As a side note, the consultation is free and they will email you a quote afterwards. I never, ever felt pressured.)

My questions were:
Q: How long until I can work out?
A: A couple days
Post procedure thought: While definitely true that you can, I didn’t feel up to it for about 4 days.

Q: How long until I can fly?
A: A couple days
Post procedure thought: You’re up and moving, but if you’ve had anything you need to sit on done, I think you’d be uncomfortable for about a week.

Q: How much does it hurt?
A: Not much at all- we’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable.
Post procedure thought: This is true. I’ll get to specifics below.

Q: How much time should I take off work?
A: Take the day after off- you can work from home, but you’ll be a little sore.
Post procedure thought: This was good advice as I definitely wasn’t up to going to the office the day after.

Liposuction Procedure Prep:
Nearly none. I took the afternoon and the following day off work. They’ll tell you roughly how long the procedure will take, so I had someone waiting to pick me up.

The DC Liposuction Procedure:

First, you put on a little blue paper underwear and a robe. The doctor comes in to re-discuss what you’re going to do and to give you the calming meds if you want them. (As discussed, no question. Of course I want them.)

From there, you walk to the procedure room and it’s go time. You get on what is essentially a hospital bed and they cover the areas that aren’t being worked on. You also get to keep your little blue underwear on, so I never really felt exposed.

Immediately post-procedure and recovery:
As soon as you finish, you have to put on compression pants. You will wear these for two infernal, seemingly endless weeks. I found myself taking longer showers to delay putting them back on.

They are like super-reinforced Spanx and they’re pretty tight so the medical assistant had to help me get them on. Somewhat ridiculously, this is probably the worst part of the procedure.

You’re fairly drugged when you leave and get a few more pain pills for the road. It’s sore but manageable. I walked up three flights of stairs about 90 minutes after the procedure finished.
Post-procedure pain scale: 4 out of 10

Day 1:
By far your worst day. Because of the area I had done, it felt like I did 500 squats the day before. Manageable, but not comfortable, and you’ll likely make a lot of noise getting in and out of chairs.

Pain scale: 5/6 out of 10 without Tylenol, 3/4 out of 10 with Tylenol
Bruising factor: Very little- but watch out, it’s coming.

Days 2-5:
Significantly decreasing soreness each day. On day 2, I went grocery shopping. I was definitely walking a little slower than normal, but it wasn’t that bad.

The worst part of this timeframe is definitely the compression shorts. The medical assistant told me that I should probably have my husband ready to help me if I took a shower early on, but I refused to let him see the bruising and marks, so I struggled through. I’d highly recommend not showering if at all possible until day 4 because taking the shorts on and off is by far the most painful part of the entire process. Again, expect to make some noises doing this.

Pain scale: Decreasing daily- I’d say about a 4 without Tylenol
Bruising factor: Pretty spectacular. You probably haven’t seen bruises like this since you were a kid learning how to rollerblade.

Days 6-7:
Very localized pain, and only when going up the stairs.

Pain scale: 2. I stopped taking Tylenol on day 5 and was fine.
Bruising factor: About half gone one-week post-procedure

Day 9:
Residual swelling, but no pain at all.

Day 14: Post-procedure visit
Celebration! This was the last day of the compression shorts. The bruises were pretty much gone, but I still had ‘staining’. The doctor estimated another couple of weeks before it cleared up and I would say that was spot on.

2-3 months:
Seeing complete results, which is so exciting! I think I saw about 85% of the total results after a month, but not 100% until about two and a half months in.

My Liposuction Results:
I went down an entire pant size, but, perhaps more important than that, the entire ‘size’ came out of my problem zone! Liposuction is more about sculpting and less about weight loss (I only dropped 2 pounds in total).

I went through my closet and put on all those things I loved but didn’t look great in and they suddenly worked. (I am not joking- I did this about 5 hours after the procedure).

I bought my first pair of skinny jeans and didn’t feel dumpy. I used to avoid pants (a serious pain in our snowy winters) and now I look in the mirror while wearing jeans and think I look good!

All in all, this is some of the best money I have ever spent on myself. Truly.

My only regret?
Waiting for years to make the decision.

So, to those of you that work out, eat decently(-ish), and have a problem area that just. won’t. die., I could not recommend this more. Very little pain, very quick healing, and an increase in self-confidence and happiness that will surprise you.

Good luck!

DC Liposuction Results

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