Dermal Filler: The New “Nose Job”

A non-surgical nose job using dermal fillers works to adjust any irregularities and improve the appearance of the nose.dermal fillers

Often one of the first things people notice about you is your nose, so it’s no wonder rhinoplasty is such a popular procedure. Dermal Filler procedures are gaining popularity as a less permanent way of adjusting the appearance of the nose.

Using Dermal Fillers Around the Nose

During the procedure, small amounts of filler are injected into problem areas to improve volume, adjust irregularities, and smooth out the bridge of the nose. The procedure has no recovery time and only takes about 10-30 minutes. Since filler is non-surgical it is becoming a popular alternative to nose jobs, often for women who are still determining how they want to alter their nose.

If this procedure is right for you, it’s essential to find an experienced plastic surgeon like Drs. Bruno and Brown for your non-surgical nose job. The experience of your surgeon translates directly to the quality of your results, and the nose is a particularly delicate feature. The blood supply to the nose is quite weak (even more so if you have undergone a previous surgery) so it is particularly important to choose a qualified surgeon for the best results.

In addition to a non-surgical nose job, fillers are also used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, especially between the eyes, fill out hollow cheeks and eyes, plump the lips, restructure receding chins, and generally increase facial volume.

What Types of Dermal Fillers are Available at Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery?

There are a few different types of fillers available and your surgeon will work with you to determine which best fits your circumstances and how this procedure can work to address your problem areas.

  • Juvederm – An injectable gel that immediately smooths lines and wrinkles around the nose with results lasting up to 1 year. Juvederm is the filler the doctor is using on a patient on the photo displayed.
  • Vollure– Softens moderate to severe lines and wrinkles by adding volume to the lines around the nose, producing subtle and long-lasting results for up to 18 months.
  • Voluma– Instantly adds contour and a subtle lift for smooth, natural-looking results and a more youthful profile lasting up to 2 years.

We look forward to seeing you for your dermal filler procedure or free consultation soon.

Why Are So Many Women Choosing Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a revolutionary procedure that has recently grown in popularity.

There are many reasons labiaplasty is on the rise: The most notable is the increase in comfort many women report experiencing after undergoing the procedure.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure in which the labia minora and/or the labia majora are sculpted and reshaped. Often the goal is to reduce the size of the labia and create more labial asymmetry.

This procedure typically takes less than an hour and the recovery time is minimal, but it’s recommended to hold off on any significant lower body exercises for several weeks. The labia are very sensitive structures, so it is important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon like Drs. Bruno and Brown.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons further explains the procedure.

Top Three Reasons More Women are Choosing Labiaplasty

  1. Comfort: After surgery, many women often experience increased comfort during athletic activities such as cycling or horseback riding. Also, there is typically a decrease in irritation from tight clothing like yoga pants or bathing suits. Reducing the length of the labia prevents it from being twisted or tugged on by tight clothing or irritated by rigorous workouts.
  2. Appearance: Over time the appearance of the labia can change dramatically particularly after undergoing significant life events such as childbirth. Labiaplasty allows women to reshape their labia to increase self-confidence, aesthetic appeal, and create a more youthful look.
  3. Increased sexual pleasure: After surgery, there is often an increase in sexual pleasure as excessively large labia can cause pain during intercourse or even lead to sexual avoidance due to the anticipated pain of intercourse. Additionally, the clitoris can become more exposed leading to an increase in sexual pleasure.

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May is for Moms: Get a Mommy Makeover!

Looking for a way to treat yourself or your mom this Mother’s Day? Consider a mommy makeover, the gift that will never be forgotten.

What is a Mommy Makeover?Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery DC

A mommy makeover is a combination of surgical procedures tailored to your specific goals. It is particularly popular among mothers, hence the name because it works well to correct issues related to childbirth and breastfeeding. A mommy makeover works to restore your body to its form before motherhood, often in ways that diet and exercise aren’t able to.

What Procedures Can be Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Typically, a mommy makeover includes a combination of:

  • Tummy Tuck– reshapes the appearance of your abdomen by removing excess fat and tissue around the waistline and stomach
  • Liposuction– through careful, targeted suction, excess fat is completely and permanently removed from your trouble spots
  • Breast Enhancement– reshapes and resizes the appearance of your breasts
  • Breast Lift– reduces the appearance of aging on sagging, droopy breasts to restore a youthful, perky chest

One of the main benefits is that you are undergoing multiple procedures in one sitting, making it more efficient and shortening your recovery time. The procedure itself only takes 3-5 hours with a recovery time of as little as 2 weeks. While many patients elect to have an overnight hospital stay for comfort, it is not required. The procedure is unique in that Drs. Bruno and Brown will work with you to tailor the procedure to your individual circumstances. Read more about the procedure and the importance of choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Drs. Bruno or Brown, with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a leading organization in the field of plastic surgery.

We hope to see you soon for your mommy makeover procedure or consultation!

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery in Washingtonian Top Doctors!

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Brown has been listed in this year’s Washingtonian Top Doctors.

Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery has long been considered one of the top plastic surgery practices in the DC metro area, and we’re thrilled to announce this award as well! A special thank you to all the area doctors who voted.

This adds to the long list of awards and accolades given to Drs. Bruno and Brown in recognition of their outstanding work in the field of plastic surgery in the DC area.

Check out our team page to see more of our reviews, press and awards, our testimonials page to see what our clients say, or contact us for a consultation today.

DC Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery

Getting Tummy Tuck Surgery in DC: If your constant efforts to change your appearance have proved unsuccessful, a tummy tuck procedure may be right for you.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

The Tummy Tuck procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, is a procedure in which the excess skin and fat are removed from around the waistline and stomach. While you may be unsure if a tummy tuck procedure is right to help you achieve a slimmer, more toned mid-section, board-certified plastic surgeons Drs Bruno and Brown are expertly qualified to help you determine if a tummy tuck is right for you.

What are the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

  • Provides body contouring
  • Flattens the stomach area
  • Improves the appearance of abdominal muscles
  • Reduces the size of the waistline and hipline
  • Enhances the overall figure
  • Tightens stomach muscles
  • Removes excess, loose, or hanging skin, which may be the result of weight loss or pregnancy
  • Reduces appearance of stretch marks, particularly after pregnancy

Who Should Consider a Tummy Tuck?

If you’ve been pregnant or experienced significant weight loss, if tireless efforts to improve your appearance have had no avail, or if you simply have excess skin or fat in the stomach region, a body contouring tummy tuck may help you to feel more comfortable in your own skin and allow you reach the goals you’ve set for your appearance.

What Kinds of Tummy Tuck Procedures Can I Have Performed?

DC Plastic Surgeons Drs Bruno and Brown take a unique and holistic approach to tummy tuck procedures, focusing on maximizing the results for your entire waistline, rather than focusing on just the abdomen. Due to the nature of this approach, a tummy tuck procedure with our DC plastic surgeons can help you drop several pant sizes.

As board-certified plastic surgeons we are experts at performing tummy tucks in the DC region, and will work with you to determine which tummy tuck procedure best meets your individual needs to help you achieve your desired appearance.

  • Full tummy tuck: involves an incision across the hip line and around the belly button
  • Mini tummy tuck: involves a smaller incision and is often complemented by liposuction
  • Extended tummy tuck: best suited to individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight, involves incisions around the flank, lower back, and hip line

How Popular are Tummy Tuck Procedures?

According to statistics gathered by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2016 alone, over 125,000 tummy tuck procedures were performed. This number is up over 100% from 2000.

What is the Recovery Time?

The timeline for a tummy tuck procedure can vary between patients, but most patients will be able to stop taking pain medication within the first week, be back on their feet within 1-2 weeks, be able to exercise again in 4 weeks, often resuming normal activity completely within 1 to 2 months.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our expertise, or if you’re interested in undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, contact us today.

Tummy Tuck DC

Tummy tuck DCFind out more about tummy tucks with top-rated plastic surgeons, Drs. Bruno and Brown at our DC-area offices, including Chevy Chase, Dulles, Annandale and Glen Burnie.

Our tummy tuck procedure can totally change the appearance of your abdomen by removing excess tissue and fat from around the waistline and stomach. Drs. Brown and Bruno take a holistic approach to each tummy tuck procedure in order to achieve the most natural, beautiful look for that patient.

We have found that the best results for a tummy tuck are produced when the entire waistline is shaped, rather than focusing on just the stomach. Our approach is so comprehensive that it can potentially help you drop several pant sizes and completely alter your appearance.

Dr. Bruno and Dr. Brown will tailor your tummy tuck procedure to best suit your needs and fitness goals to result in a beautiful, natural look.

Also known as the abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck body contouring procedure tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin and fat. Top-rated Drs Bruno and Brown will work with you to determine which tummy tuck procedure best meets your needs.

Some tummy tuck options include:

  • Full tummy tuck: involves an incision across the hip line and around the belly button
  • Mini tummy tuck: involves a smaller incision and is often complemented by liposuction
  • Extended tummy tuck: best suited to individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight, involves incisions around the flank, lower back, and hip line

If you’ve been pregnant, experienced significant weight loss or have excess skin or fat in the stomach region, a tummy tuck may help you achieve your goals and enhance the overall appearance of the abdominal area.

Are you looking for a DC area tummy tuck?

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Our top-rated plastic surgeons are experts at tummy tucks in the DC area.

Dr. Brown announced as new Chief of Plastic Surgery at Sibley Memorial Hospital – Washington, DC

Top Rated Plastic Surgeons DCOur very own Dr. Brown has been elected by his peers to become the new Chief of Plastic Surgery at Sibley Memorial Hospital.

Sibley Memorial Hospital offers patients outpatient and inpatient aesthetic or reconstructive surgery with a dedicated plastic surgery team. With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, as well as an extremely safe approach to anesthesia and patient monitoring, Sibley offers some of the best facilities, support staff and care in the area.

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DC Breast Augmentation

Are you looking for a lift through breast augmentation in DC? Drs. Bruno and Brown are experienced, top-rated plastic surgeons in the DC area.

Breast Augmentation DC Before and AfterIf you are looking to increase the shape and size of your breasts, breast augmentation may be right for you.

There are several choices when it comes to breast augmentation in the Washington, DC area. These include fat grafting, saline implants, silicone implants and ideal implants.

Each implant has unique benefits and results, so set up a consultation with Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery to discuss your options, the types of results you’re looking for and more. We’ll take into account the overall look you want to achieve, as well as your lifestyle in order to figure out which type of breast augmentation works for you.

Benefits of DC breast augmentation

Benefits of breast augmentation include increased breast symmetry, improved projection, increased and reshaped cleavage, the return of breast volume and shape (typically seen after aging, pregnancy or weight loss).

The best candidates for breast augmentation

The best candidates for breast augmentation DC are at least 18 years of age, are interested in modest to significant breast enhancement, may have some breast asymmetry, are not currently pregnant or nursing, and are in good overall health.

You can expect the breast augmentation procedure to take 1 – 2 hours, and the recovery time is typically 2 – 4 weeks. There is no overnight time with this procedure.

Are you considering having breast augmentation surgery in DC? Contact us to discuss your options. We look forward to meeting you!

Patient Newsletter Addressing the Link Between Breast Implants and A Rare Form of Cancer

Breast augmentation and reconstruction are two of the most popular plastic procedures among women. With growing concerns about a link between breast implants a rare form of cancer, Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery released this patient newsletter:

As a patient in the practice of Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery, we feel it necessary to inform you of recent issues with breast implants. Many of you have now seen or read recent media reports referencing the possible link between breast implants and a rare form of cancer called BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma). While this is occurring in an extremely small subset of patients with breast implants, there appears to be some link.

BIA-ALCL is not a breast cancer, but a rare T-cell lymphoma that usually develops as a fluid and swelling around the textured shell breast implant. According to the ASPS and the FDA, thus far, there have been no confirmed cases of BIA-ALCL in women who have had only smooth-shell breast implants. The lifetime risk for this disease appears to be about 1 case for every 30,000 textured implants placed. This equates to a 0.003 percent risk. Both the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and others are gathering more and more data on this rare disease.

The FDA is not recommending removal of textured implants nor have they advised against their placement. Rather, the FDA recommends, as do we, that every woman conducts regular self-examinations. If you develop swelling or a lump in your breast, contact our office right away. We will comprehensively evaluate you and order the appropriate tests to determine if any treatment is indicated.

While more information is being gathered, we at Bruno | Brown Plastic surgery have elected to stop the use of textured implants from all breast manufacturers until further research on this type of implant is more complete. If you are concerned that you may have this textured type of implant or have any concerns about your implants, please call the office at 301-215-5955.

To view the patient letter, click here.



Bruno | Brown Plastic Surgery specializes in safe, effective DC breast reconstruction and breast augmentation in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Chevy Chase, MD. If you have any concerns about your implants, please contact us right away.