Restore Youthful Looking Breasts With a Breast Lift

If your breasts are looking a little deflated and saggy due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging, a breast lift may be right for you. In 2020 alone, nearly 90,000 patients opted for a breast lift procedure. The procedure is a great way to restore youthful, perky breasts and can be tailored to your specific needs.

How the breast lift procedure can be tailored to your needs

Breast Lift in DCThe procedure has four basic incision types that are meant to fit your needs:

  • Anchor: 3 basic incisions, one around the areola, one vertical to the breast crease, and one horizontal along the breast crease
  • Lollipop: 2 basic incisions, one around the areola and one vertical to the breast crease
  • Periareolar: 1 incision around the areola
  • Crescent: 1 along the top half of the areola

You can discuss what incision may be needed to achieve your goals during your consultation with Bruno | Brown. We can also discuss any other procedures that may help you achieve your ultimate goals. For example, many women want to not only lift their breasts but also increase the size. We typically recommend that our patients combine procedures, such as a lift and augmentation, so that they can also combine their recovery time and achieve their goals even faster.

Your breast lift consultation with Bruno | Brown

During your consultation, we’ll discuss how the procedure can benefit you and help you achieve your breast goals. We can go through any questions you have about the procedure and discuss any other areas of your body you would like to target.

When you decide you may be ready to undergo a breast lift, finding the right plastic surgeon for your DC breast lift procedure is critical. Our doctors have decades of experience making each and every patient feel beautiful and confident with the latest, technically advanced practices.

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DC Breast Augmentation

Are you looking for a lift through breast augmentation in DC? Drs. Bruno and Brown are experienced, top-rated plastic surgeons in the DC area.

Breast Augmentation DC Before and AfterIf you are looking to increase the shape and size of your breasts, breast augmentation may be right for you.

There are several choices when it comes to breast augmentation in the Washington, DC area. These include fat grafting, saline implants, silicone implants and ideal implants.

Each implant has unique benefits and results, so set up a consultation with Bruno|Brown Plastic Surgery to discuss your options, the types of results you’re looking for and more. We’ll take into account the overall look you want to achieve, as well as your lifestyle in order to figure out which type of breast augmentation works for you.

Benefits of DC breast augmentation

Benefits of breast augmentation include increased breast symmetry, improved projection, increased and reshaped cleavage, the return of breast volume and shape (typically seen after aging, pregnancy or weight loss).

The best candidates for breast augmentation

The best candidates for breast augmentation DC are at least 18 years of age, are interested in modest to significant breast enhancement, may have some breast asymmetry, are not currently pregnant or nursing, and are in good overall health.

You can expect the breast augmentation procedure to take 1 – 2 hours, and the recovery time is typically 2 – 4 weeks. There is no overnight time with this procedure.

Are you considering having breast augmentation surgery in DC? Contact us to discuss your options. We look forward to meeting you!